Task Management Software - Your Insights?

by npaige
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hi all -

i am embarking on different projects and want to organize them the best i can.
i do currently use evernote and absolutely love it!
i'm just not sure if it's best for managing my projects, integrating schedules, timelines etc.

what are you using? and are you integrating w/ evernote?

thanks much!
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    I use Toodledo. It's a good web-based program that is available on your desktop, iPhone (app), iPad (app), Droid, etc.

    It's $20ish a year but i think it's worth it. It's a little "ugly" but does the job.

    Ron Desi
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    I use asana form Asana - Task Management for Teams

    It's from some of the original programmers of facebook. I absolutely LOVE it! It's simple, clean, browser based and best of all FREE.

    You only need to start paying once you have more than 30 users to a project. I will always recommend them whenever anyone is looking for project management software
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    I use Toodledo myself and highly recommend it. It can do everything you are looking for.

    I also use Trello as it's more simple and I can make a quick layout of tasks for the day. I wanted to find something easier and simpler to recommend for my team members and so far they are
    loving this.
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    You might want to try Team Task Manager. It's very intuitive and there is no learning curve. We use it daily to track projects and tasks. Free for 2 users -
    Group Task Management Software For Managing Projects, Tasks And People - Team Task Manager
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      you need time doctor just google time doctor and you will see thier website, that software has ability to manage any kind of project. lots of big players use it .

      Rajiv Kumar
      Skpe: rajivkumar900
      Email id : rajivkumar900@gmail.com

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    I simply use Google Tasks, Drive, and Calendar for me to work efficiently on projects.

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    I've switched from using basic evernote notes to Wunderlist.
    it's probably the most beautifully designed task manager app out there. It's free, it works on PC/Mac and iPhones (you can also access it via web).
    What else could you possibly need?
    Here's the link: Wunderlist | Task Management At Its Best
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    I've had experience with Astrid (an iPhone app) which was ok for a while but found out that it's a bit limited on certain situations and it works best when your in a team. After that, I used good old fashioned lists and Google apps. Seems to be working alright. Tempted to try Wunderlist just to see how it goes

    Mea @ Outsource Factor
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  • Profile picture of the author bhmseoservices
    I use a third party online application that allows me to manage my team and their tasks.
    teambox.com -- This is a really interesting website - I cannot stand having third party applications on my computer for these things. The site at least allows you to expand your projects for your team and I find provides optimum efficiency.
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  • I use Wunderlist and iCalc, both free. It's a simple set up but works just fine.
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  • Profile picture of the author ebusinesstutor
    I use a combination of tools:

    Nimble for CRM
    Evernote for planning, notes, seminar writing
    Xmind for brainstorming and coaching clients

    I find no one program, no matter how good does it all.
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  • Profile picture of the author yohanaton
    Recently switched to Asana and I'm love'n it... finally feel organized...
    Mindjet for strategy - Love this app...
    zoho for crm & support...
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      I love to recomended you always free task management todo list app www.todowiz.biz I am glad of there services best because its fast app.
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    Sorry if this is a bit of self plug but I'm not charging money for it. I am the creator of GreenSamba and it has a specific component to manage your projects with all the activities you need to perform to get the project completed, along with basic CRM functionality etc. The downside is that it is not web based, but since I give the option of using it to store all your passwords for your different cpanels etc, it is more secure knowing it is 100% on your desktop.

    Anyway, you're welcome to pick up a free copy and try it out. If it's not for you, no worries

    You can get the link in my sig to see what it's about (watch the video, just excuse my monotonous voice).

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    The Calendar on my IPhone works just fine for me. Along of course with the very old-fashioned-leather-covered notebook and a pen.
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    I'd recommend TimeSheet Reporter - Time Reporting in Your MS Outlook Calendar - TimeSheet Reporting Made Simple - makes it possible to track time via your Outlook calendar, web and smartphone.

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    I have used Asana for over three months and currently using this free team management tool at Fluxes.com. It's free for unlimited members and installed with cool features.
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