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Do you all guys over hype all your product and services for people to buy your products and services?. Example on squeeze page or site make 10k in few weeks guaranteed. They always said guaranteed. But they always have money back guarantee on the page. If the product gauarantee something why put money back?. And also they have always earning disclaimer?.
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    The logics of the "guarantee" works like this: "I guarantee you that you will make XXX§ but if it doesn´t work for you then you will get your money back". A guarantee doesn´t make sense if there is no consequence in the down-side case.

    In terms of the earnings disclaimer, this is a legal issue because you can never tell how much your client will make at the end. If a client just buys the product but doesn´t implement even the best product ever won´t make him a dime. Check out the rules of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). They imposed some quite strict rules for these issues.
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    I'll add something to what BizGuy mentioned.

    A "Disclaimer" and a "Money-Back Guarantee" may always be present on all sales pages not because the seller is not 101 percent sure of what (s)he talked about on the sales page but because the end-product (which is your earning) is solely based on the execution of the buyer.

    Let me give you a real-life example. Even if Allen Say (owner of the Warrior Forum) coaches me how he started this forum and teaches me his personalized baby steps how to duplicate the success of this forum, the results may not even be at par with what the first Warrior Forum has achieved. Processes are good. Execution is the key.

    Nevertheless, if one has a pretty good understanding of the left's and right's of Internet Marketing, you will always have ways how to determine if the seller is just a 100 percent hype on his/her sales page or not. You can sense that from within you.

    Also, if the seller has a fan page, you may ask for the link. Try to ask those fans if they've tried the seller's product or service. Just use your smart intuition though. There's a lot (A LOT) of fan pages with fake fans. Even worse is when all those fans are being managed by the fan page's Admin.

    I hope this helps.
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    Those guarantees seems very funny to me. Because there is no guarantor of the guarantee itself. Would you believe in a squeeze page or only an email address?
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