Will my traffic increase?

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If i keep on adding 10 articles a day daily on my website and i don't do any SEO at all.will my traffic increase?
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    adding unique article to site daily is good idea but as far as traffic is concerned
    article alone wont help you in getting traffic to site
    you need to do seo/sem/smm
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    Fellow, you won't get much traffic, or you won't get an "improved" traffic, if you just keep on uploading articles to your website but you don't additional marketing or SEO-wise campaign after.

    Here's an analogy. Say, for example, you want to drink coffee. What do you do then?
    You get a cup, tear the pack of coffee, put it in the cup, pour in hot water, and stir it.
    It doesn't end there, does it? Of course, you need to pick the cup, lift it near your lips, and sip the coffee.

    Same thing goes in any campaign that aims to drive traffic towards your site. Posting articles on your website is similar to preparing the coffee alone. You need to "lift the cup and sip the coffee," which means bringing those articles to the readers. How do you bring attention to your articles on your blog? By participating on social media sites, submitting them to article directories so they can be syndicated, actively (with sense) participating in forum discussions with your signature underneath, so on, and so forth.

    I hope this sheds more light on you, fellow Warrior.
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      Originally Posted by contentwriting360 View Post

      Here's an analogy. Say, for example, you want to drink coffee. What do you do then?
      You get a cup, tear the pack of coffee, put it in the cup, pour in hot water, and stir it.
      It doesn't end there, does it? Of course, you need to pick the cup, lift it near your lips, and sip the coffee.
      What the hell are you talking about?

      In answer to the OP...."perhaps"

      By adding additional articles constantly to your website you'll eventually begin increasing your "footprint" on the web. The bigger the coverage the more likely you are to capture search traffic. Most likely long tail stuff.

      Its not the most efficient way to do it. You should be tapping into additional channels, but meh ...each to their own.

      BS free SEO services, training and advice - SEO Point

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    there are many sources of traffic.. if you reply on only one, you do not know if others methods are more effective for your niche.. test and try out.. the traffic will come, a matter of how much and how fast eventually~

    my 2 cents~
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    I need more opinions on this.
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    I would suggest writing AMAZING article a day an promoting it over writing ten OK ones.

    You should also consider promoting your articles through guest posts.

    I'm the host of a show at http://mikefrommaine.com

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      Originally Posted by mikefrommaine View Post

      I would suggest writing AMAZING article a day an promoting it over writing ten OK ones.
      I'm completely behind that advice. 10 poorly written/boring/generic blog posts or articles aren't going to be worth much more than a waste of your time. And remember, even AMAZING content needs helps getting found. At the very least you should be promoting your content through social media. If you work in a B2B niche LinkedIn Groups are a great opportunity to drive really targeted traffic over to your site.

      One of my client's writes 2-3 blog posts a week and we always submit their content to LinkedIn Groups and by the end of the month LinkedIn has generated 350-400 or so unique visitors to their site. Having the content is a good first step, but you need to do something with it.
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    try adding 1 quality article a day, no point adding 10 articles a day if you dont need to.

    network with similar blogs to exchange traffic. articles alone wont do you any good. You might get some traffic from long tail keywords, but its minimal and probably not targetted for your overall niche.
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    You need to use paid traffic not free traffic if you want faster results

    Read how i went from no money to making over $1000 a day. No experience necessary. Im paid daily.

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      You could have thousands of pages of high quality content but if you aren't promoting your website (either through SEO, guest posting, article marketing, etc), you won't see traffic - just something to think about.
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    It's plain stupid to not at least optimize those articles a little bit for SEO.

    You're making such a huge effort by doing the 10 articles a day, why not go the extra mile and install Yoast for Wordpress and add some keywords here and there.
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    Warrior Forum Traffic Discussion is here:
    Build Your Viral Traffic Network!

    Jeffery 100% :-)
    In the minute it took me to write this post.. someone died of Covid 19. RIP.
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    Maybe you should add some promotion too such as social bookmarking for your articles and not just write and publish so many of them.
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    I agree with some above posters.

    1 amazing article a day, and that s already a lot. 3 a week would be just as good. SEO them, guest blog and promote on social media. That should bring better results.
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    Originally Posted by newmovies View Post

    If i keep on adding 10 articles a day daily on my website and i don't do any SEO at all.will my traffic increase?
    If you really provide WORTH READING AND QUALITY ARTICLES that would people will gladly link and mention you in their blogs that are related to yours then it would increase your traffics!


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    yeah, if your articles are unique, you may have some organic traffic. But I would recommend you to share your posts on Social Media.
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    paid targeted traffic.if.you want fast results...and for articles you should write 1 GREAT SEO optimized article a day instead of 10 cheap ones!..cheers!!
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    It´s good begining but you should do more. Try fiverr there is a lot of good resources for good price
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    Having fresh and unique content is good and will probably bring in a tiny amount of organic traffic. If you really want to increase your traffic though you need to research different traffic generation methods and decide which ones interest you, then take action!
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    Well it won't increase traffic to your site unless by word of mouth the people who already visit your sites tells a few friends and a couple of them visit and they tell a few friends and so on but it's not something I would rely on too much
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    Originally Posted by newmovies View Post

    If i keep on adding 10 articles a day daily on my website and i don't do any SEO at all.will my traffic increase?
    Yes, slightly, probably. But the additional traffic will probably mostly be coincidental, very-long-tail "keyword" traffic, very poorly targeted, and not much good to you.

    I had a friend who wrote something in an article (about selling vitamins) on her site explaining how some specific sort of selling strategy makes people sound like a used car salesman from the 1950's. She started attracting traffic from Google with that article, just by having it there, and doing no SEO at all. But they were people who'd been doing Google searches related to selling 1950's cars. That sort of traffic you don't need. She didn't get people who'd been searching for stuff about selling vitamins because her site didn't rank well for those far-more-competitive keywords.

    "Just adding content" to your site in the form of articles, without doing SEO carefully, is a bad way to try to attract traffic. (And even with doing careful keyword research, it attracts only SEO traffic, which isn't very good traffic anyway.) You might be much better off publishing the articles on your site first and then getting copies of them published on other sites where the traffic you want is already visiting regularly. This is "article marketing". But to make that work, you need articles that other people (who have the traffic you want) are willing to publish. And those are different types of articles, of which nobody can write 10 in a day. It's all I can do to write one per day, and I do this for a living.

    As Tim wisely says, just above: I wouldn't rely on it.

    Might you be better off trying some of the advice offered in the first two links of your own sig-file?!
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    Great Advice Alex!

    Also it has been said many times quality over quantity. It is much better to have 1 well written article per day, then 10 articles that provide no real value.

    After you write your article - then syndicate it to other blogs, forums, social media, make a video etc etc.
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    Assume that, you have recently buy a new cell phone with a new contact number. Your number is good enough. If you don't give it to other person, how can you wait for someone's call?
    Your situation is just the same. Whatever your regularity is, whatever the quality of your article is, you must have to advertise for it. You have to do something to bring the potential traffic.

    Try the ways of easily increasing your traffic to your site from now on -

    5 Steps to Easily Increase Traffic to Your Blog - Using Hootsuite, Twitter and RSS Feeds
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    It's becoming increasingly difficult to rely on one method. I would diversify and do some youtube videos linking to your site, use twitter daily, FB ads and so on.
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    The answer is Yes and No. Why? Because it will be totally based on the keywords your articles incude, and more importantly your luck. You can get any realistic number of visitors (as based on your criteria), but it is totally random situation.
    Who knows you might even get 10000+ visitors with those articles (in theory), but in practical life I dont think you will get more than a few hundred visitors (per month) total if you dont do SEO or any other form of marketing (in case you get luck).

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  • Hello!

    I certainly believe that you will get few traffic boost when writing high quality articles everyday. I'll take an emphasis on the word "few" though. You have to employ SEO techniques in order to maximize the full potential and traffic of your site.

    Good luck!
    Success doesn't come in an instant, just like Rome wasn't built in a day.
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  • Some comments are correct. Others... well....

    I'll let you in on my opinion:

    Adding long quality Articles with some focus on SEO and adding plenty of your keyword variations over time will get you ranking for lots of weird long variations of those keywords that your visitors have strung together.

    I've found that going that route, a page with a long Article that has aged for several months without any links, social qualifiers or anything of the sort will eventually achieve the ability to bring in 2-5 visitors per month, up to 10 if you're lucky. Sometimes the way in which the keywords have been strung together will not relate to your page or offer at all, and sometimes it will. So the traffic will be hit or miss.

    This means that having even 300-400 Articles will only bring in 600-2000 (upper limit if we say 5 a month), with huge variance.

    Depending on what that traffic is, made for adsense, Amazon or list building, an even smaller percentage will go on to do what you want, and then an EVEN smaller percentage will go on to make you that sale.

    Conversions will be lower because they'll be coming from keywords you weren't aiming for but that bring you visitors.

    So let's say, you get 1000 visitors per month, and your site is made for list building. Perhaps only 20% of those will sign-up (200), and perhaps only 2-3 percent will go on to buy, so about 4-6 sales! I say that because those who sign-up may have only done so due to interest and aren't as targeted as say getting visitors for the EXACT keywords or from sources with already interested customers.

    In short, my answer is, yes, eventually a year or so from now if you consistently build good long Articles with many variations of your keyword and end up with thousands of pages, you'll develop some good traffic, and perhaps some loyal readers who'll begin to share your site and so forth.

    Could have been much quicker/better (EDIT: Not to say you should rush things, I just means your success would come at a more reasonable pace than chugging along churning out Article after Article. And I'm talking 1000-1500+ word Articles here) though if you'd have spent some time also doing offsite marketing
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    If you don't let know people about your articles, how people come to your site?
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    I think that you'll likely have some organic traffic if you do that, OP.
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    If all you do is add 10 articles to your site every day and NOTHING ELSE, then you are going to burn out writing and the results will not be worth your effort. That is my opinion and I've tested this (to a lesser extent than 10 articles a day).
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      Guys, this thread's from November and the OP's no longer here anyway. (It was just bumped today by a spammer whose post above will be removed shortly).
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    Writing content alone could work in the long run, if you write attractive articles, that have a bit of controversy in them and the possibility to go viral.
    But it would take a long, long time to do so.
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    Start participating where people are

    Article marketing is old hat and I will tell you why that is

    My traffic started drying up like everyone else so I started looking for other methods

    What I am about to tell you is nothing new but extremely effective

    I started looking at the top ten sites to see who is ranking lately
    I notice some significant changes

    Brands and big eCommerce sites dominating money keywords
    Social sites dominating, forums and certain blogs are at the top ten

    This is no coincidence

    I was doing this manually till I got it automated, now I have been accumulating
    vast amounts of data to prove my what I am seeing is correct

    Article sites that use to rank almost non-existent

    spam blogs/unmoderated or spam comments non-existent

    Blogs that rank if you look at them almost all the time have a huge list of comments
    Lots of activity happening on their sites
    This is all being tracked by Google

    So if you are not getting traffic you need to go where the activity is and participate
    Give viewers a reason to come back to your site

    Some forums I have participated my posts sometimes have gone viral
    with other members promoting to other members in return my traffic numbers
    have climbed

    This no longer is a hands off SEO world out there, it is time to be part of the conversation, again nothing new but relevant if you want traffic

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