Wordpress Membership Plugin - What Do You Need?

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As many of you already know, I'm in the process of developing a Wordpress membership plugin. The goal of this is to allow a flexible, easy to install and use, solution to add membership capabilities to any Wordpress site.

So I'm asking for your input, what do you need/want in such a plugin? Let me clarify, I'm not trying to create a plugin that has every feature in the book, does everything, etc. I want to really create a simple, easy to use, easy to manage, straight forward, has the features you need and will use, solution. Some of the solutions I've seen on the market are loaded with useless features and missing critical ones.

So quality not quantity is the name of my game.

Anywho, I look forward to hearing from those of you who are actually in need of a solution to make your Wordpress site into a membership site...or are dissatisfied with what you've encountered on the market. Please PM me specifics or general ideas just on here.

Thanks and I look forward to in turn getting this thing finished up and onto the Special offers forum


John Westbrook
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    There are, as you know, a number of pretty good plugins available... don't need to name them here... BUT... they are all a bit "tricky" to setup, and in my opinion, don't have great tutorials. So, while I don't have a suggestion for you about "features", I do suggest a nice "straightforward", step 1, step 2, step 3 sort of tutorial approach. Customers will love you for it !!!

    Best of luck.
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    Hi, John. Not sure if you have checked out Paid Memberships Pro during your travels. It's an open source membership plugin for WordPress developed by me.

    All of the code is available for free on GitHub and in the WP repository. I mean for it to be the community solution for membership sites on WordPress. So if you are really just interested in supporting a good solution vs. building something yourself you can "own" you should consider getting involved in PMPro's development vs. rolling your own.

    Membership Plugin for WordPress - Paid Memberships Pro
    WordPress › Paid Memberships Pro « WordPress Plugins
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