Do You Answer Your Emails?

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I received emails from two marketers this week promoting a digital product. I sent emails to each asking them a question about the product and I got no response from either. What does that say about them and their marketing? To me it says one of two things:
1. They are too busy to be bothered by potential customers asking questions about products
2. Or they don't have a system in place to respond to questions from their list.

How do you do business, like the two marketers above or something different?

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    They appear rude and impersonal to me. I might even think they are spam emails.
    This is definitely not a sound strategy for email marketing.

    For me, I would really try to build a good relationship with my potential customers. Though there are many tips and strategies being offered online, establishing rapport to customers is still essential in marketing, especially now that most techniques are done through online tools where there is no more room for personal connection but only online connection.
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      For whatever tiny number of subscribers I have and for whatever tiny bit I'm worth, I do respond to my emails.

      It is a pity that most don't.

      And I can relate to your experience by the way.

      If someone argues that it is impossible for busy marketers to respond to a few hundred/thousand emails that they get every day, then I would counter-argue that they don't deserve to run a business that they cannot look after.

      If telecom companies with millions of active subscribers can run a call center to answer their customer queries, why can't "big" marketers do the same?
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    I answer all emails for my blog and site
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      99.9% of the email I receive from other marketers are pure bs. Not one of them knows how to properly run an email campaign. Yes they may have all the can spam requirements, but that is all.

      The most stupid thing a marketer can do is use a no reply email address in his email campaigns. Email is about communicating in both directions. If you do not reply to your contacts, what does that say about you or your product.
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        Sounds like a serious problem, Doug!

        First, I never send requests to someone without establishing a relationship, and if I value that relationship, I'll be responding to their contact! I respond personally.

        Second... well, second is that IT'S ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS! How in the world do we expect to build community and trust with our list if we're unresponsive?
        Kindest regards,

        Greg Ray
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    Originally Posted by Doug Nicholson View Post

    1. They are too busy to be bothered by potential customers asking questions about products
    2. Or they don't have a system in place to respond to questions from their list.
    3. They are just mailing anything that comes along and don't know or care enough about it to answer questions.

    4. They get six gazzillion "tire-kickers" asking the same questions and never buying anything.

    5. They feel their time is better spent doing something else.
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    I try to not be impersonal with my business activities....
    Interesting post, OP.
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    email is 2 ways communication, so I will literally answer those emails... =)

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    There should always be a response to your subscribers emails.

    You should answer it As soon as you can, if you are a busy man and/or limiting access to yourself, then you should have a support desk and a team to answer to emails.

    There should always be a response.
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