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I have a cool idea of making good amount of money by Twitter Follower Business.


Something like 200$ in Adword Ad campaign.

Creating A website.


Offer 1000 Twitter Followers for 15$.

If any one order comes, Collect followers from freelance marketplace(Like odesk) workers by 5$

So here Profit 10$ LOL

If 3 customer in a Day. Monthly 90 and Earning 1530$

Minus Adword campaign money and Freelance workers payments- 650$

Net Profit (without doing nothing actually)- 880$ !!

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    I don't think you'll be able to buy the volume of clicks you need to convert 3 buying customers a day from $200/month.

    You'd either need to increase your PPC budget or decrease your sales forecast for this to be more accurate IMO.
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      I've tried it. Its actually a LOT harder than it sounds. it is a great theory but you end up spending more to break even or lose profit.
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    Selling social media service is a over saturated market, the only way to succeed in that business is to be at the top. You have got to have good branding, marketing, and a good supplier. I recommend to get sales you go to a Facebook fan page,with allot likes, and ask them to advertise your site.
    (Trust me that will convert allot better then Google Ads.)
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    Sounds like a terribly dodgy business model.
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    by your post you are making it sound very easy but it is not.
    first of all its very hard to get your ads approved if you are selling facebook fans or twitter followers or any such service.
    second its very hard to get clients.
    but i have had few clients who are still selling 1k likes for 50-60$
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  • Nowadays there are thousands of websites selling the same packages, including low cost solutions like Fiverr and similar.
    I suggest you to try with other social networks, like Instagram or Pinterest, otherwise you risk to throw away too much money for a dead business.

    See you soon,
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  • I don't know fella... my spidey senses are telling me you might quickly find yourself between a rock and hard place.

    But just by coming up with ideas you're simply a step ahead of the game because you seem to have an intent on making money, not thinking about making money like many other people.

    Anyway, there are plenty of people offering Twitter followers just on Fiverr alone. as much as 10,000 for $5!!
    It's madness Really.
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    rrr, if the OP try to do the work by using a software, isn't the profit is bigger, right?

    now the question is "what is the best twitter follower auto adder software?"
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    What businesses want is "laser targeted" Twitter and Facebook Followers. Just adding random people has little to no value. I suggest looking for something better, maybe blogging and have many high paying affiliate offers on page.

    Learn Digital, Internet and Social Media Marketing For Your Business
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    100% of the twitter follower provider around the freelancing sites will provide you some fake followers which will remain as a follower of your account till the day of payment. After they got the payment, you will see a rapid decrease in the number of your followers. Also, those freelancers who will provide you real followers, they are not going to do it for 1000 for $5. They will charge at least $10.
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