Are there any affiliate programs with Amazon or EbaY ?

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I couldn't find info on their web sites . Does anyone know if they have "affilaite" programs of some sort that you can monetize by sending traffic to them ?
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    You can try the link below you earn money there for your traffic to their sites.

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    It's fairly easy to get approved with the Amazon folks. Ebay is another story. I was an affiliate with them about a year ago, generated some decent money, walked away from IM for a few months trying to prepare for law school, my computer when down, lost in login info and now they won't approve me again. Go figure!

    Good luck!

    My experience has been that those guys pay a very small commission. Check out commission junction or share a sale and a lot of times you will find that you will get better commissions through their programs.
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    I applied with the ebay affifliate program and was instantly approved. I didn't have to wait for approval. Odd that it took 4 months to approve you^^
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    I've been an Ebay affiliate for years, but since they went on their own (ebaypartnernetwork) I have heard stories of people getting kicked out if their conversions are low. so be sure to make sure your campaigns are doing well or now you run the risk of getting the boot.
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