Is it normal to sell an ebook for $47?

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Dear Warriors,

I am creating an information product in IM niche and I want to know if I could sell this ebook for $47....It will be about 100+ pages and I will include everything related to niche marketing step by step.

Thank you,
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    Well, it's not that unreasonable but you must determine the value of the ebook you're releasing to yourself and are you trying direct sales from traffic or do yo have a email list that you maintain a good relationship with will make the difference on how receptive your customers are to buy the product at that price in my humble opinion.
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    • I think it's normal, if someone want to buy your product.... why not?

      because I ever sell a service for increase alexa rank which the customer must paid $25 and he agree

      in fact, the normal price is just only $7, hahaha LOL
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    The length of the book really has nothing to do with the value. Sometimes the most valuable information can be covered in a 2 page report while a 100 page book can be 90% filler. On the other hand, customers don't always recognize this and may equate value with length to some degree.
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    Originally Posted by zourkas View Post

    I am creating an information product in IM niche and I want to know if I could sell this ebook for $47....It will be about 100+ pages and I will include everything related to niche marketing step by step.
    It might be about right ... the widely available price-range for "niche marketing" e-books of that length is probably from about $17 to $97, I think?

    It can help a lot to split-test prices, but it isn't trivially easy to do and raises "issues" of its own.

    Length may not relate to value at all, but it can still relate to perceived value, which affects sales.

    "Where you sell it" is also relevant to pricing. For example, $47, these days, is widely perceived as a "big price" for a WSO, since the WSO sellers over the last couple of years have collectively been so relentlessly training their market only to buy "cheap stuff".

    A lot's going to depend on your sales page, clearly.

    Good luck with your product in the competitive market, Zouras.
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    Depends on quality of the information in an ebook, instead of page amount. If you have an ebook with 5 pages - very valuable - you can sell it for $47.
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    Alexa is right. It depends on how well you market the ebook. You have to convince the buyer that it's worth more than the selling price. You might consider hiring a professional copywriter to write your sales page.

    The second part of the equation is you must have a good product. Otherwise you'll have to deal with a lot of refunds.

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    Outside wsos, $47 is usually the avg price.
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    If it has great value then I see it as a reasonable price. Then again if you can get more buyers for less than might be option.

    Would you rather 100 buyers for $47 =4,700, or 1,000 buyers for $20 = 10,000?
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    Originally Posted by zourkas View Post

    Dear Warriors,

    I am creating an information product in IM niche and I want to know if I could sell this ebook for $47....It will be about 100+ pages and I will include everything related to niche marketing step by step.

    Thank you,
    It depends on what kind of target audience you want to attract. Personally, I don't like selling or even the idea of selling cheap products because of the high refund rate associated with people who buy cheap products and the general mentality behind those people is "I WANT THIS TO WORK NOW!"

    Of course, this depends on the niche, what you're selling and how targeted your traffic is but I find that the general mentality behind cheap people is, some of them just want to purchase a product to get an immediate refund or they want an immediate solution to a problem right now.

    $47 is very common in the WSO section but from my experience, the only products I've seen that have any new insight or knowledge to be gained cost in the thousands of dollars. I'm not going to personally name off any marketers or products but I'm sure some of the people in here know who I'm talking about.

    Think about this though.

    Let's say you sell a product of $47 to 1,000 people. $47,000 is a nice chunk of change right? It sure seems like it at first but then you have to worry about all of those people that are going to request refunds and that now means you have 1,000 people to deal with. 1,000 customers who might e-mail you with questions or who don't understand what they've bought, etc.

    Now, let's say you sold a $470 product to only 100 people. You've made the exact same amount of money and now only have 100 customers to deal with. Believe it or not, people who are willing to pay more are far less likely to request a refund.

    Just from my experience, cheap people suck.

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    Thank you very much for sharing your opinions
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    Years ago it was the norm to sell $47 products, then the credit crunch hit and when people stopping buying on cards and using money they actually had it became harder.

    It's easier to sell the $47 price point as an upgrade offer for something more advanced like video content, personal support, or a done for you service.

    The upsell conversion at 10% should more than make up for lost income on the front end.
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    If you add Video tutorials to your ebook's content, then it can be sold easily for $47.But still 47 bucks is a normal price if the ebook is sold outside the warrior forum.
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    Deciding upon price is always something that I seem to have trouble with, although I'm getting better. The problem I usually face is pricing stuff "too high", then having to lower it later to stimulate sales.

    I don't think there is a definitive answer to this question, as there's no way of judging the quality of your book (or its contents)

    When it comes to pricing, you'll want to find the "sweet spot". A pricing point that gives you a good return on investment, is profitable, and brings in consistent sales.

    My thinking is this ....

    Consider starting low, then as you begin making sales, bump up the price marginally. Why low? Because you *should* make sales, and this will act as your baseline. In order to test, you need data. There's no point in pricing high, because without sales, you won't have the data to make decisions.

    Start low, make some sales, then gradually increase your price and monitor your averages. At some point, you should begin to tip the scales - in that, sales will begin to drop off. Then use the data you have to make a calculated decision.

    Don't forget, your ebook should be a lead in to something bigger in the back end. If this is something you wish to pursue in actuality, regardless of the profits on the initial sale, if you follow it up with something in the back end thats highly profitable - you could potentially almost give the book away in return for contact details.

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      Think. Have you been making money doing the exact same thing you would teach? Now it becomes more valuable.

      If it's just a course...that you have built out of other price is worth it.

      But, in your sales letter, if you can say truthfully that; "This is precisely the steps I took to make this much money" then $47 is not too much.
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    You are thinking the wrong way. People don't buy "ebooks"
    and the number of pages is irrelevant. The question you
    should be asking is, "What is the value I'm providing to the
    readers of this information?" Then you price accordingly.

    One page of information than can help your readers make
    $1000 per day is worth a lot more that 100 pages of
    information than can help your readers male $10 per day.

    -Ray Edwards
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    If you can convince your visitors that your product can bring them at least 10X more in return than they pay up-front, then no problem.

    This should be your approach to marketing the product - tell them exactly what result they will get if they use your ebook that will pay them at LEAST 10X more than they are paying for your ebook.

    This could be savings in time, 3X more traffic, bump profits from $500/month to $1000/month (a $500 boost in profits which is 10X the value of your ebook), etc...

    Also - consider seriously marketing your ebook as a System, Course, Manual, Guidebook, etc and also seriously consider adding a workbook, audio summary, checklist, etc... bonuses that will turn this from a single file download to "package" that you can market as a full system or course. Not only does this increase perceived value (to the point where $47 will seem low), but it also makes your offering stand out as well as being more useful (so you get more testimonials and champions behind you - the real secret to getting significant marketing momentum)

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      Originally Posted by himanuzo View Post

      Depends on quality of the information in an ebook, instead of page amount. If you have an ebook with 5 pages - very valuable - you can sell it for $47.
      I hate to break it to you, but people have also sold utter crap for $47, regardless of page count. Sad to say, the actual value of the information has little to do with how well it sells.

      What matters is the value prospects attach to the information, and one of the criteria people use in the absence of the product itself (like being able to thumb through a printed copy in a bookstore) is 'thud'.

      Keeping the product sold after delivery is a horse of another color - now you'd best live up to the hype, as a minimum, unless you want the high refund rates mentioned earlier.
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    Split test everything. You could have a 5% conversion rate at $47 and a 1% conversion rate at $17 - Human psychology is a funny thing. Don't leave it up to chance. Test.
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    a friend of mine bought one WSO - an EBook teaching how to make hundreds a day.. the EBook itself is about 10-15 pages but the methods / techniques mentioned are worth of hundreds..
    according to my friend, if he knew about the quality of that Ebook in advance, he would have happily paid hundreds to buy it..

    the important thing is the quality of information supplied..
    good luck with it. wish you all the best.
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    Most people won't even read past 10 pages at most.

    Usually, $47 is a complete system.
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    Yeah you can sell it for $47. Make the content outstanding, have lots of bonuses, and demonstrate value via your copywriting... maintain your copywriting effectiveness all throughout your product also to keep people entertained. But bulk in ebook size doesn't necessary relate to value.
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    Only you know your ebook the best. Only you know how much effort and time you have put into writing that ebook. Only you know how much value is in that ebook.

    If you think it's got that value, then offer at that value. That being said, you will always win by over deliverying your values or contents by lowering your price.

    However, some people may think that, a product should worth how much to its value, but it's also commonly to see crap $97 products, or $7 awesome products....

    So really, pricing is up to you, but whether if people are liking it or not with the price, you should test it out.

    Maybe you can start it low? and dimesale?

    Hope these helped.
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      Fantastic thread and answers. Another reason why I love this place, no BS and straight answers.

      We are about to release our own product in the weight loss niche. It is not an ebook but a 21 day email course. The participant receives an email each day for 21 days with mental coaching as well as what to consume.

      This product is a result of surveying our 6500+ mailing list and where they struggled in our niche.

      It is a little different from just an ebook of course, we are also adding 2 (1 hr long) audio interviews with myself and business partner who lost over 70 pounds with this method.

      We are also having high quality video filmed of the recipes included.

      I am struggling with the price point but it seems that $47 looks about right.

      Of course we want to make money (and do some good) but we also want to create a list with buyers as opposed to the 6500+ list who have signed up for info but not bought anything.

      Any advice as always appreciated.
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    Unless I knew it was REALLY unique and incredible information that I just couldn't get anywhere else I personally would be against paying $47 for an ebook.
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