J.V. Payment split solutions

by tgro03
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Hey everyone. I'm in the process of working out some j.v. deals on a membership site I have and need to find an easy way to split payments with my j.v. partners.

I know I can work this out with Paypal Adaptive payments but approval takes a long time.

I have also considered signing up for an affiliate program such as Clickbank but I don't really like all their rules, fees, etc.

What other options do I have in terms of setting up my split payments?

Since I may eventually have a few j.v. partners, I need something inexpensive and easy to set up.

One last idea, is there a way I can just set up a "sub account" in paypal that I can show to my jv partners so they can see the sales made and then just pay them myself from all sales?

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