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Hello.... I'm launching a new video site for bar owners. Each week going to post a new video in my blog and they are all going to be about marketing and promotions.

I need someone that can help me with seo for my site. Each video I will have transcribed and add that to the bottom of each video to help with seo as well.....but the way I want to set all this up is I create the video's and have someone handle the seo for me, post it to my blog for me, and distribute the videos to as many channels possible..

My plan is to create my own channel in youtube and post there, plus facebook and twitter.... but I don't know how to get the most exposure as possible with these. I will send out a press release and article from each video, but I've heard of getting backlinks and I'm honestly clueless about this.

I also want to get into affiliate marketing. I have a $1,000 product I'm creating now, will be done in january and I have a presentation already created to sell that which will be my lead generation. I also have 2-3 other continuity ideas that I can do as well. Clueless on how to get started with affiliate marketing.

Right now I would love to have someone guide me in the right direction on how to launch this site, get the most exposure, etc, etc.

I am going to do direct mail for sure and also e-blast with my trade magazine sites.... I've been doing this already and getting great results...

I really just need to know how to get the most exposure as possible with this site and making my video's go viral.
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    You learn by doing! Don't spread yourself too thin because that's not good at all!

    If you want to make the restaurant marketing blog then go for it! Since I don't know there are any out there and there are TV shows like "Bar Rescue" then you know they have problems and they also have the cash to pay for your high-ticket stuff.

    There's isn't a correct answer to your "exposure inquiry" because that's what everyone of us wants more.
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    If you want to get exposure then use social media. Share your site and videos to people you know that like the sort of thing you're sharing with them.

    Share your content with your friends and family to get the ball rolling. Making your videos viral is actually quite a challenge, but I think you'll do well if you know how to use social media channels for marketing.
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    • ok thanks.. I have heard of traffice geyser and a few other similar services... didn't know if these would be the way to go or not..
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    Be sure to visit the seo/adsense/ppc board for some great tips. If it turns out that you need some personal guidance, I suggest that you PM some of the active members on that board and see if they're available on a mentoring/for-hire basis....I'm sure some of them would be able to help!

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      A mentor would definitely be in the best position to point you to the right direction while guiding you through it.
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  • Each video I will have transcribed and add that to the bottom of each video to help with seo as well

    That's smart. I think you're going to be a success.

    Are you having the transcription done on Fiverr? There are several folks there who do a good job.

    I'm going to buck the tide and say that deliberately creating backlinks is the least of your worries. If you go that route, it's too easy to get sucked in with some "SEO expert" who will run scrapebox and create a bunch of spammy links that could get your site de-indexed. Don't do that. You don't want to have to depend on Google for traffic but neither do you want to be removed from the index.

    Have you thought about building an email list? That's a good strategy for a B2B site like yours.

    I'm sure you've thought of this, but what I would do would be to figure out what bar owners are interested in and what blogs they might be reading that don't directly compete with your site -- then hang out in those places and leave real comments.

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