Weekly IM Hangout/Meetup

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Hey all,
I've been slowly building some content over at Internet-Marketing-Review.net and I got the idea a few days ago to start a weekly virtual meetup for a few of us to talk marketing for an hour or less. Don't want to be too formal, but have a different topic to discuss each time. For content marketing and to share with everyone who couldn't be there, it would be recorded for youtube and/or podcast and would highlight guests, links, tips, etc in a blog post.

Would you be interested in listening? Would you be interested in participating? What would you like us to discuss most?

Please send me a DM if you'd like to be involved or would like to know when its planned. You can sign-up to the email list at Internet-Marketing-Review.net for updates on that project and everything else going on over there.

Lemme' know!
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