How much does the average american make a month?

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Just base on your experience. I really want to know.

Thanks guy.

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  • Around $40,000 per year?
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      Originally Posted by Anonymous Affiliate View Post

      Around $40,000 per year?
      That means $3333 a month?:rolleyes:
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    Varies a lot - Southern states might earn less on average than Northern states - but the cost of living is less here. Texas is around $40k. Some places in Massachusetts are $63k
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    Wikipedia says the national MEDIAN is about $44,389. The average is often between like $32K and 45K depending on who you ask. wikipedia says the AVERAGE is less than $27K for workers 14 and up. So that is loaded. Of course, the value of the money is dropping.

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    It depends I guess where you're asking. Some states have less due to a deflated economy and others are above average.

    My guess based only on experience I'd say between the ages of 20-29 it's 25k-30k and between the ages of 31 and 40 it could go to 40k-60k.
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    The IRS would answer this in 3 words. MORE than reported!
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      Originally Posted by Mo Goulet View Post

      The IRS would answer this in 3 words. MORE than reported!
      They have apparently INTENTIONALLY rigged the reporting system to allow them to act all innocent while persecuting people. They said they caught $13K I didn't report. Well, they figured this out by looking at what the stock broker paid me. Almost 100% of all people on the planet make FAR less than reported, and I was no exception. They COULD have simply asked the brokers to report earnings. It would save paper, space, gas, the environment, etc... I wondered for DECADES why they do such dub things. I guess it is so they can send me a LENGTHY report that tries to make it SO simple to just say "YOU GOT ME, here is $5500 or so.".

      They THEN have you wait for a response, that you must send back, to see if they accept it. BTW they did, so I paid $200 to get them out of my hair. If I had more time,I would have included expenses so they would owe ME.

      So they are in no position to make such claims. I know that many cash business owners DO underreport, but the IRS can't know THAT either.

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    3-5 thousand per month.
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    Here in Canada I think that this is the right number. It may be the lowest but people do earn that much and live like this for the rest of their life.

    Anywhere between $1600-$2,200 after taxes.
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    For more information about American income - read Income in the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    I can very well imagine the Eastern Coast will have higher earnings and also higher cost of living. NY is much like London.
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