How to do the most boring tasks fast

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I am sure you have heard that you just have to "take action". The problem, I have had in my IM career, is that this action is often... boring and mundane.

When you are short on capital, outsourcing simply isn't an option. Therefore, you have to do most of it yourself. That boring task can be backlinking, writing new content or whatever!

Now, if you are not motivated... It can be a pain in the a** to complete these tasks! I know, I have been there.

Honestly? I don't enjoy all IM tasks myself, but I do them anyway, because I can stay motivated. Here are my tips, if you don't feel like doing the boring task and need motivation:

- Create a vision board, where you place your goals, pictures of your ideal lifestyle, quotes, things that motivate you. Hang your vision board over your computer to look at.

- Listen to calm and relaxing music whilst working, like beethoven or mozart, even hans zimmer.

- Have something relaxing to drink; a good cup of tea, water, or juice.

- Work to a countdown timer. Set the timer to 60 minutes, and when it rings you are free to take a break or stop. But in those 60 minutes you work focussed!

If you follow these simple tips, you should be able to get those boring things out of the way pain free

What do you do to stay motivated and working effectively?
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    Staying motivated is the hard part, I find that making a to do list everyday of the things that I have to get done keeps me motivated. Knowing that I get to cross something off is pretty exciting, for me anyways haha.

    At first keeping a list is tough but after 21 days an action becomes a habit!
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  • I really like the timer idea! Will try that one.
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      I used to find it difficult to get started in the morning and I would end up wasting a lot of time. Now I do a few hours here and there during the day but I usually start work again late in the evening and work into the night to get things done when there are less distractions.
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    I use the timer myself. I find it helps keep focus. I like the idea of the vision board -thank you.
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    Originally Posted by AndreasJacobsen View Post

    Work to a countdown timer. Set the timer to 60 minutes, and when it rings you are free to take a break or stop. But in those 60 minutes you work focussed!
    I think they say it takes something like 30 minutes or so to get back in to the full concentration mode once you have been interrupted.

    So working in only 60 minutes blocks probably isn't the most efficient way of working because you end up having to take all that time to refocus again every hour.

    I say wake up and start working at 9am. Work from 9am to 12pm without any breaks. Do NOT turn on your email or any social networking sites until after 12pm and get your most important tasks done during this time. This time of time is when you have your best chance of focusing and you'll be amazed at the work you can get done in only those 3 hours. In fact if you do that you'll get more work done than most people do in a whole 8 hour day.
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      I also follow the 60 minute timer method, but it's important you do the right things in those 60 minutes.

      Set up to three goals for the next 90 days, then decide what you need completed by the end of the month, then the end of this week. Plan the following week every weekend and have up to 3 targets to complete during the week. Label them A, B and C. When you write down what to do during each 60 minute period check that it helps you complete A, B or C. If it does not you probably should be doing something that is more focused on achieving your targets.

      This will help you reach your goals which acts as positive feedback that makes you more likely to do the tasks that move you ahead, even if they are boring sometimes.

      Don't take advice in forums at face value. Ask questions, do your research, and remember: Testing is your business's best friend. Paul Myers

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    Try the Pomodoro Technique. It is a 25 minute timer with 5 minute breaks. It is easier for me to know I can have a break sooner rather than later.

    It works for me!

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    I just watch a movie on my laptop or a light comedy series. Music is a great stress booster for me.
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    Have a whiteboard and write your task. You will like the idea to delete everything when you finish. And when the whiteboard is clean again you will feel much better
    But when you see them there written you will gain motivation to work and be able to delete them
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      I have used the timer method in the past. I know what it's like to have problems with motivation especially when you are early in your business and cannot outsource these mundane tasks. I always find the upbeat music helps me also.
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