Can anyone list the top PLR sites as of 2012

by troy23
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Can anyone recommend the best PLR sites out there as of 2012?
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    Hi Troy23

    Not sure of the best in 2012, but I have had a good experience with PLR Monthly dot com which is run by Dave Nicholson and Dan Sumner and can happily endorse their site.


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    decent PLR stuff here on the forums (WSO) and at Tradebit, as well. Either way, no shortage of PLR sites on the interwebz
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    I don't know if it'd make it in the list of top PLR sites but I've had good experience with Plrebookclub dot com
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    In my experience it depends upon the niche that you need content - PLR Monthly dot com gives you a wide array of possibilities each month. If you are looking for health and wellness content that is referenced back to research and medical journals you'll find that at PLR-Health-Wizard. Be very careful of using PLR that is given away by the 1000s as bonuses - it is usually poorly written and not edited for grammar or punctuation making a rewrite even more difficult.
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    I've noticed alot of PLR sites, buy your product, and completely IGNORE the user rights, and sell your products for whatever they want.

    Honestly, alot of PLR sites, who are owned by people who do this, should be boycotted.

    When you purchase from a site that is known for breaking rules and doing shady things, you are just encouraging them to keep doing it.

    I'm not suggesting that the ones above are doing this, although, I did a quick look at graphics in "one" of these sites, and I assure you that a few of the graphics products that are being sold for for like $4.00 are breaking the PLR rules and Resale rules that originally came with the product.

    The reason I know this, is that I own PLR rights to tons of products, and I see these exact products being sold for next to nothing, while those of us who want to do the honest right thing, get screwed, because there are many who do not care about integrity at all...
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    I agree Steve - the trouble is that it is often difficult for the average joe to know who is breaking the rules and doing shady things. And, honestly, the majority are the average joes! And the people who are breaking the rules may look like the guy who knows it all or holds guru status in other people's eyes.

    PLR has gotten a really bad name because people have abused the product on both ends - they purchase, put it up for sale as is and then complain when it doesn't sell like Frank Kern is selling it because they didn't bother to rewrite it or make it original. OR they gather up 1000s of garbage articles that are packaged into a product that is sold for $10.00 or given away. It isn't even worth your time to wade through what you get to find a nugget or two that can be used. You can write your own stuff in less than half the time it takes to open and close those articles.

    Rant over.
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    I sell plr. There's also a huge list here
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    Suzanne & everyone who contributed

    Thanks for some great resources.

    Much appreciated
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    If you're looking for PLR articles, we still have the largest usable database.
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    I still like PLRassassin. Most people use PLR the wrong way and dont make the effort to make it different and thats why PLR gets a bad name. Sometimes it is quicker to write something yourself but for reading material it might give you some extra ideas.
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    There are quite a few PLR content providers who specialize in a certain area of PLR content and manage to differentiate themselves from other PLR content providers. In other words, they could be seen as the best in that specific area.

    So, if you're looking for the best PLR content provider, the answer will depend on what type of PLR you're looking for and if you're looking for PLR in a specific niche.

    There's PLR content providers who focus on a certain type of PLR content, such as Limited edition PLR content, Non Transferable PLR content or Transferable PLR content

    Then, there are PLR content providers who focus on certain niches.

    Finally, you also get PLR content providers who focus on certain PLR content products or packages, such as only PLR Articles, or only PLR eBooks or PLR eBooks with images or PLR packages containing multiple types of PLR material etc...

    Again, the best PLR site will depend on what you're looking for.

    Below are a few examples of PLR content providers that I think, have managed to stand out or differentiate themselves in some way or another.

    Please note, these examples are of PLR content providers that supply either limited edition PLR content or non transferable PLR content. I'm ignoring transferable PLR content, because I don't think that that type of content is as useful as the other 2. Besides, if you're looking for transferable PLR content, chances are multiple sites are selling the exact same PLR product... which means the site selling the product for the cheapest, would be the best

    Anyway, here are some examples of PLR content providers that stand out: - high quality limited edition PLR content in various niches. But, what I think makes them stand out, is how easy it is to navigate your way around the site and find exactly what you're looking for. - specializes in Self Help and Finance PLR content (non transferable PLR content). creates professionally packaged PLR content, where they pay attention to both the written side of content and the design/package of the content. - specializes in well written and researched Health and Wellness PLR content (non transferable PLR content) . But, what really sets them apart, is that their PLR content is actually referenced. Having referenced PLR content is incredibly useful, yet I don't know of another PLR content provider that does this.

    PLRminimart - An established PLR content provider, selling various PLR content products (non transferable PLR) in various niches. But, what's really worth noting, is the massive PLR content packs that you can buy. - focuses on Cooking and Recipe related PLR content. A PLR content membership site where membership is limited (so, I guess you could say the PLR content is limited edition PLR) - focuses on limited edition PLR reports that include images. - focuses on limited edition fitness related PLR content - focuses on non transferable fitness related PLR content - focuses on PLR eBooks in niches that appeal/target mothers
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    How Can I help...
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      Resell Rights Weekly. com and Superhero list building are good ones as well.
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    What are the top plr sites right now? Well, of all the sites that have been mentioned, I think by Nicole Dean is the best.

    They sale a limited number of licences for each product they create. And when you consider how low the prices are, the value is massive.

    I would also add by Melisa Ingold. You can get some high quality reports there. Really good stuff.

    Lastly, I can't forget which I think is operated by Paul Evans.

    They create great niche products in the rough and do the market research for you! This way, the product you buy has a high chance of being profitable when you tweak it a little and sell it.

    Hope this helps
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      Here's my list -- note repetitions of some listed above. My list is short -- those I've used myself and that provide excellent PLR (i.e. written by native English writers, good grammar, etc.). There are undoubtedly many other high quality sites, but this is my personal short list.

      I've also just launched a PLR site of my own and we're taking topic requests. See signature below.

      Best of luck in your search!
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    Thanks everyone for this thread, it has cut down on my research time tremendously! Lets keep this going if possible!

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      I've written an article called 100 Best PLR Sites Worth Visiting This Week. Some are the same as above, but some are not. All have good links with Alexa rank as well as Page Rank.

      Toon Blogger gives No BS blogging tips highly peppered with toons (great for beginners!).
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    Originally Posted by troy23 View Post

    Can anyone recommend the best PLR sites out there as of 2012?
    I tired several but stopped at this one - for me it's best price/quality combination.
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