Easy to Implement, Step by Step: 11 Steps to Earning Affiliate Commissions This Month

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It's been a while since I posted a "useful" thread and wanted to contribute.

This year's CB commission has already caught up with last year's for me using this strategy.

I hope you can increase yours by implementing some ideas from this post.

So here it is. Step By Step.


1. I look up Clickbank marketplace and check out
on the products with high gravity.

Once I find something that interests me, I'll do
a quick keyword research on my competition.

Instead of using Google, I go straight to
Yahoo listing. Why? You'll find out soon.

2. Using Yahoo, I type in the author's or
product's names. Now you're going to see
organic search results for these terms.

3. After finding organic listings, I go straight to
this link > http://siteexplorer.search.yahoo.com/
Using "Explore URL feature," I cut and paste the URL
I found through Yahoo organic search results.

When you hit "Links" you'll see the list of external
web pages linking back to these sites.

Are there a lot of sites linking? If so, move on
to another URL you found from organic search result.

Pretty soon, you'll find an URL with a very few
external sources linking to it.

4. Now you found a goldmine.

If there is a very few sources linking to that URL,
there is a chance you can beat that listing if you just
duplicate the effort by linking from the same sources,
or link it from more authority sites.

If the first page of Yahoo is filled with URLs all linked
from multiple sources, then move onto another product
because you face too much competition.

But, if you find listings closer to the top result with
very few backlinks, you're going to beat these ranking.

5. I go grab a brand new domain that sounds like the
original product's name. This converts well.

Using this domain, start approaching the external sites
linking back to these URLs you found during your Yahoo

I sometimes offer to even pay $20 if someone links from
their blogroll link, knowing that will help rank my domain.

Most people are flattered that you're contacting them
because they've never been offered money for simply
linking. To many people, this is their first "ad" revenue
on their blogs.

-- and you're right, this works better with non-IM niche site
owners because people have less knowledge about affiliate
marketing I am going to get into more of it in a minute --

Seek as many link partners as possible to your new domain.
You'll see your domain surge in Yahoo listing. Make sure to
link with good anchor text targeting product names or
author's names.

6. Now I am going to explain why I went straight to Yahoo
instead of Google.

There is one very "annoying" habit that Google likes repeating.
That is... they dislike brand new domains. They always
weigh more value on domains that have been around a while.
well, that's completely fine.

With Google, don't try competing against organic listings using
your brand new domain.

They won't move easily so you're going to feed Google
with sites they like and you're going to let Google play
their game.

This is when you're going to use, "authority sites."

Do you remember I told you how Google prefers domains that have
been around for a while?

So for this reason, you're going to use authority sites
like EZA, social Networking/Web 2.0 sites. I even use
classified sites that people don't believe it works, they rank
better than my unknown brand new domain with Google.

7. When you perform organic search results using Google,
you might see one or two EZA articles listing.

Now if you go back to Yahoo Explorer and check on backlinks,
pointing to these articles.

If they only have a very few external backlinks coming in, that
listing is in danger -- You can probably outrank or get close
to that listing by simply submitting your article to EZA.

8. You linkback from other Web2.0 sites to your domain. Some will
rank well with Google, while some do nothing. This is completely fine.
Because in the meantime, this activity is helping your Yahoo organic
result. Yes, you should see your domain on Yahoo slowly going up
in ranks.

9. The point of all this is let Google play their game by feeding
it with sites they like. In the meantime, you bank more commissions
from Yahoo while everyone is crazy about ranking in Google.

With high Google ranking, you're always in danger of competition's
spy activity. All these sophisticated SEO spy tools all focus on
spying on Google activity because that's what their clients want.

10. Now we know everyone is after Google listing for "IM products",
you're going to play safe by going after non-IM products in clickbank
(or whatever you choose to promote) and start approaching other
site owners and building relationships.

Try gardening, woodworking, crocheting.... either link to clickbank
products related to these what I call "safe" niches or if you're like me
buy "ready made" PLR books on these niches and upload them on your
RAP (Rapid Action Profit) script sites.

Then approach non-IM niche site owners.

Many of these Non-IM site owners have no idea what affiliate marketing
is and they just do "hobby blogging" and just know their sites rank
well with Google.

Well, that's great, now you can tell them to link back to your product
URL with just one-time fee approach I told you about (so that way,
they never know what you're doing) or you can structure a special
deal with them so they'll link you from more sites they know.

Some of these site owners don't need $20 for fee, they'll just
accept crosslink from your site, too.

As you know, you get far more search inquiries every month when you
happen to promote outside Non-IM niche.

11. I haven't seen this effect, yet, but if you set up a good deal
with these site owners and they begin telling their other blog/site
buddies in their niches, you might get more backlinks. Now you're
teaching them the first taste of ad revenue on their sites.

The key is to find mainstream hobby niches far from engaging any type
of affiliate marketing so they don't become your competition.

If you don't know any products for these niches, just go make one
using Elance and charge $17 a pop for each product you sell.
I find people don't think long about paying anything less than $17.
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  • Profile picture of the author thomashoi
    thanks for the seo strategy!

    For me, I always start with a hungry crowd who got some problem to get rid of, spend some time to understand them and I give them what they want.

    Sure, I will implement your steps after my own market research.
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  • Profile picture of the author yogurt
    Thank you for tips and easy to follow steps, I think I might take my first foray into affiliate marketing by following your method.

    If only I could achieve a fraction of what the super affiliates are making, I will be really thankful and glad. Keep up the good work!
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  • Profile picture of the author marcus passey
    Gonna take a look at this


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  • Profile picture of the author Andyhenry
    Hi Takuya,

    Great post and thanks for taking the time to put your thoughts down so well for all to see.

    I'm sure this will help a lot of people, so thanks for being such a sharing warrior.


    nothing to see here.

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  • Profile picture of the author SoEasyMoney
    Great plan of action, not one that I've run across before. Thanks for sharing. I'll be implementing your ideas!
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  • Profile picture of the author TimG
    Great post and fantastic method of feeding Google what it wants in order to help further your business on Yahoo. Very sound strategy and glad to see it working for you.

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  • Profile picture of the author Takuya Hikichi
    Thank you everyone for allowing me to post it.

    You know something I've learned over the years is, a good technique doesn't always need to be anything "new" or a "breakthrough".

    But, it's something that makes people feel smart or secure when reminded. Often times, a breakthrough comes as a result of innovative concept, yet built on an existing idea.

    With all the networking and collaboration taking place today, it's very difficult to be the sole provider of classified information. So there is no need to chase for a new information. I feel, rather, if we just look for ways to innovate an existing concept, that idea can become a principle that will provoke fresh thinking.

    And when someone gives you a fresh perspective on things, it's inspiring.
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  • Profile picture of the author adpablo
    Very good thread! I will definetely give a try to this method...looks really promising...thanks ...
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