Tired of Struggling on my own! Personal/ 1-on-1 Mentor needed PLEASE!

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The Headline says it all guys & girls...

I've been plodding along , reading e-books, listening to podcasts & watching videos, but I really am struggling here. Take the example of some of the really great posts that have been put up here, giving "59 steps" or "my step-by-step..program" etc. Now those are great resources, however I find myself getting stuck on minor technical details a lot of the time (I really do suck at the technical aspects) and other times, it's probably just analysis paralysis or information overload, but the bottom line remains that after roughly 2 years of "trying/ learning IM", I still haven't made a dime!

Now, since I am on a non-existent budget, there's just no way that I can pay a fee of any kind, so I am willing to offer a profit-share to a prospective Mentor.

Please know that, if anyone is willing to take on this challenge, I would expect it to be a very hands-on type of mentorship, so it might make more sense that my mentor live somewhere relatively nearby - which means Johannesburg/ Pretoria, South Africa.
Of course, if you're based elsewhere, but we can find a workable method for hands-on training/ tutoledge, then I'd be more than happy to consider it.

This is a genuine/ sincere request and even though I'm exceptionally aware that most Internet Marketers (contrary to the popular picture of the laptop on the beach) are very busy people, I would be eternally grateful (and you will eternally own a share of my profits), so I'm really hoping that someone with a fair success record, will see the potential for mutual benefit in this.

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