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I'm working on a genealogy project and I'm wonding if the records lodged in public courthouses are considered public domain? Obviously you have to pay a fee to obtain the records but once you have obtained the records are you free to use them as public domain? For instance, a birth certificate.
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    Hi Soeasymoney:

    Hope all is well. You are going to need legal advice on this one because there are a few variables that can come up.

    1) Are records from the state of West Virginia under the same or different laws as the other states?
    2) With all the backlash of privacy invasions the past decade is something public record because it can be viewed in a courthouse.
    3) Does a birth certificate used in an article for example get world wide rights or is that only for the USA, a specific state, or not at all.

    In certain jurisdictions things such as the sale of a home is public record. It may not be the case in all states and territories.

    Please do the right thing to protect yourself and others and get the state/national/world view of what you want to do by a legal mind.

    Enjoy the weekend.

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