Best site to find top forums?

by rajhu
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Hi Folks,

I remember reading something about using to find their listing of top forums in a particular category.

But I can't quite figure it out anymore.

Also are there other directories or sites where I can find the top forums or most visited by category.

Thanks for your help,

Roger Haeske
The 41-Year-Old Teenager
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    Hi Rajhu,

    Sorry..I can't help you with the DMOZ but maybe you can try this I'm not allowed to put the full link.

    Good luck!
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      I'm aware of a number of sites that carry forums like Big Boards. I'm hoping to get a directory that will point to the best forums from a number of different forum sources.

      Forums on Big Boards, or Yahoo Groups or Google Groups etc.


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    I usually compile my own list from a variety of sources and sort them by their Alexa ranking.



    Search for your niche's main keywords +forum. If it's not listed on one of the above then it probably isn't a very popular forum.

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    Try it is well traveled.

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