Here's what "Promoting Clickbank products" really means

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Over MANY years, I've seen a lot of threads where people ask some variation of, "What's the best way to promote Clickbank products ..."

Here's what that really means:

"I signed up as an affiliate for Clickbank and I'm too damn lazy to bother actually researching the solutions in my market, too lazy to sign up to the RIGHT affiliate networks so that I can actually promote the best products, rather than whatever happens to be in Clickbank."

Affiliate marketing is not about finding some clever way to crapvertise junky products just because the affiliate signup process was really easy.

No. It's about figuring out what problem you will help people solve. Then give them good quality help, build trust, and refer then to something that will step the help up to the next level.

The best product for your audience may or may not be inside Clickbank, just as the item you're looking to buy may not be at your local corner store that happens to be within walking distance. Sometimes you have to look harder.
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    Originally Posted by OutsourceFactor View Post

    Awesome! That cracked me up!

    And your post got me thinking;

    Just because something doesnt have a price tag on it doesnt mean its not for sale.

    Or likewise, just because theres a goal keeper doesnt mean you cant score goals. It just takes one more than the other team to win. (Just because she wears a wedding ring....mmm)

    What if there were products or services advertised on the web that had no affiliate program? Would you approach them to market their product or retreat to the comfort of a well established, over-competitive affiliate program at the risk of yet-another-crapvert (TM)?
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    most people fail IM because they start with clickbank products. there are of course high quality products at clickbank, but most of them are garbage.
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      Originally Posted by zoldusta View Post

      most people fail IM because they start with clickbank products. there are of course high quality products at clickbank, but most of them are garbage.
      The problem with Clickbank is, since they're usually higher priced products, they tend to not convert as well as others. (A $10 item on Amazon, for example.) It may take weeks to see a sale simply because they aren't generating a lot of traffic yet. So they give up.
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    Well said my friend, it is all in the trust and helping others to sell the product
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    Great post ever read. What you said is true, the internet is big there lot of opportunity. Like yesterday, I finally found my answer.

    I not saying Clickbank is bad, there time you need to move on to other network.
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