Are wordpress blogs automatically pinged?

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I have a wordpress blog and it has says in the settings that after every post it is submitted to ping-o-matic.....Is this true for every wordpress blog or is this just the default setting? And if it is should I still get it pinged or is it pointless?

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    WP software by default has pingomatic listed in the Update Services. You can and IMO should add additional ping services to this list.

    I have a list of 13 update services I add to every one of my blogs and I use the Smart Update Pinger to monitor these pings and be sure all services are "firing" correctly.

    See my sig for video tutorials on pinging and various other blogging basics at no cost.
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      i have a list of around 60 blog directories that wp pings to.

      you can get the list from my free guide. I tried posting the list here but with so many urls the forum doesn't seem to accept it.

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    If you add more ping services just make sure that none of them overlap and send pings to the same place twice. Other wise you could get banned from the ping service for over pinging.

    I recommend MaxPingOptimizer to stop those unwanted pings when you're just editing a post and re-saving it.

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      Good info and MaxPingOptimizer has some good warnings about getting banned by over pinging etc. Very helpfull.

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