desperate times, desperate measures. help!

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Hello fellow warriors, this is officially my first post, after having watched and gained so much from this site from the past months I have finally felt inclined to post and try give back to this website.
My only problem is that I have no idea how! Unless I thought of something good to share, which I did.
Anyways, I'm living out of home at the moment (that is my parents home haha, i'm only 20) and I am slowly, slowly running out of money. I can't seem to land a job after hours of trying to find one, no one will employ me. I guess this is my calling that I'm not meant to be employed! As I am a believer of omens! So through my desperation I find myself on this website looking for quick and efficient methods on how to make a little bit of money. The ideas I have gained have been interesting yet I have not tried to put any to use.

Needless to say, I have devised somewhat of a plan and step one starts here. I am planning on doing some research and putting out a product in relation to the Google Algorithm as I have not seen any products that cover this in great detail. I also plan on showing ways in which this could be exploited, theoretically. Many people have tried to do this through suggesting back-linking and such yet I believe the approach I can come up with will be different and from a new angle some people may not have thought of.

Anyway, again out of my desperation, I see my funds dwindling away giving me maybe another 2 weeks to survive before I'll have to go beg for money off my parents which is something I really don't want to do. This sees the beginning of phase one of my plan. My goal is to try make $1000 ($5 x 200 purchases) by the end of two weeks, don't know how successful I will be but I'll put all my effort into it!

Seeing as this is a community of IMers I would like to call upon any advice or opinion any members would like to throw my way, and also, if this is a creditable venture as I have no proven success behind the basis of my research, it is purely theoretical. Furthermore I'd like to update this thread as often as possible, hopefully daily so that everyone can track my progress and provide mental support! Cheers
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    Here's my advice to you with the best of intentions.

    1. Stabilize your income for survival by getting ANY job. Now you may not want to hear that but you MUST get a job to pay the rent and put food in your belly.

    2. When you have a stable job it may not be something you like but it will provide you the opportunity to think clearly about planning an internet business without the stress of being broke and a week from being on the streets.

    3. When you start working setup a routine so you'll know exactly when you will be working on your business each day. This is the hard part because after coming home from work you'll be tired but the investment you make in yourself at this point will pay off if you are persistent, learn from every move you make in your business and be patient.

    Working under the duress of making it work or your life will be turned up side down is not a good place to be so avoid that situation at all costs. Again, you're first priority is to be self sufficient of the basic necessities of life and then improving your situation from there through your business.
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      thanks for the advice Mike! I appreciate it
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        Mike Hill's suggestions are very sensible... although the advice I'm sure, is hard to swallow.

        It sounds like you're a bit desperate, and might not produce the kind of product you would if the pressure was off a bit and you had more time in the IM field. Tackling the Google algorithm while being new in the business might hurt your reputation, more than help your present situation.

        Finding a job, as Mike mentioned and stabilizing your situation, will give you time to work on your IM business with a clear and relaxed mind.
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    Do something spectacular; be fulfilled. Then you can be your own hero. Prem Rawat

    The KimW WSO

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