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Christmas is one of the biggest seasonal markets. I thought it might be a good idea to put together a small tutorial for keyword research, and the criteria for product selection I use. Probably the old ones will not find it interesting, but some of the newer ones might. I will be using a new toy, and walking through the process (not sure what will find). Enjoy the ride!

There are many places to hunt down new products, Amazon is a good source for movers and shakers. Lets try the toys best sellers:

Amazon Best Sellers: best Toys & Games

There is no fixed rule here. It is a matter of choosing following personal preferences among the ones that look promising. I usually go for products over $90. People who can afford them often times end up buying more items at the same time.

I also like educational and not war-like toys (that is just my mama bear instinct).

You make your own choices, just make sure you will be willing to write about it.

On the right - scrolling down, we have Top rated and Most wished for.

Under the Most wished for, there is something interesting (for me): LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer, LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer, Green:...
Things to look at here: Stars, likes and customer reviews.

Stars: 4 - good
Likes: 224 - good (I don´t pay too much attention to this one)
Customer reviews: 105 - good

The stars have a big impact in the perception of quality. If the product is under 3 stars, I move on. 4 and 5 are keepers, 3... needs detailed study.

The customer reviews are very important, they will be the main material for promoting the product - unless you plan to buy it, what is always better (you can have a more honest approach to the product and you can do video).

A fast read of the pros and cons reviews tell us about the main elements, it is for 3-8 years, kids love it (maybe too much), the aps have to be bought apart. Most of the bad reviews complaint about the extra expending, not the product per se.

Now lets have a look at the trends

Google Trends

it is looking pretty good. You will see numbers if logged in, or just a scale from 0 to 100 if not. The slope has exponential growth. it will calm down after Christmas, but so far so good.

Another interesting thing about this product is that it is new. So you don´t have to compete with the promotions of previous years, and it gives you business for some time until the new version appears. The applications are also interesting in the sense that you have space to actually grow your promotion adding new articles and creating a bundle.

Lets see the first page of google:

leapfrog leappad2 explorer - Google Search

it is looking tough, the first page has all the big players, except for 2 spots for video and one blog at the end.

The only window already open is video here. But things can change.

We do see something interesting, the suggestion box opens and it is a goldmine, it shows a list with the main keyword +:

+disney princess bundle
+learning tablet
+learning tablet - green
+ learning tablet pink
+crayola creative bundle
+value bundle

this list gives us leads to drill down and go after our long tail:

For the first one:
leapfrog leappad2 explorer - Google Search

it is more promising, we have the usual suspects (people looking for information will skip them), and at the end we have a couple of links to yahoo blogs and weebly. This keyword is attainable.

The weebly site has effort invested, 279 pages (some good products to promote, and an almost real article for this product) - Google Search

the yahoo site is a drone site: - Google Search

after seeing this, a yahoo blog looks like a great place to use for this promotion.

this keyword seems to be taken by a pro with a team, I would look for hanging fruit among the other options.

Lets try +learning tablet pink

leapfrog leappad2 explorer - Google Search

if you scroll you will see zoolert, and other aggregation tools. This means usually that google is using filler material. This is a good one to go after first.

At then end, a good promotion will go after all the key phrases, but it is better to start with the easiest ones to test the waters.


Ok, next step product creation... I will not cover it here.

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