How I Made $148.49 In The Last 5 Days In Passive Income! Nothing Held Back!

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Hey guys, Tom here with a story to tell..

In this story I am going to show you how I made $148.49 the last 5 days

without working at all
and while hiding in shelter from rockets.

If I wasn't that modest, I'd call that accomplishment - Passive Income

So, let's begin with the background story...

It all began 6 days ago...

I don't want to start a political discussion nor I want to express my opinion on the subject, but I do want to tell you this story and show you how I made it..

As most of you probably heard, we had some kind of war here in israel.

the war began 8 days ago but back then only the south of israel was attacked.

So..I kept working trying to avoid thinking about what's going on..

Fast forward to 2 days later, I was sitting in my facebook and writing a message about how hard it is to focus with this whole war around me..

right after I finished writing that message, I heard the alarm...

At first, I was shocked, I knew I had 90 seconds before the rocket hits but
10 seconds were already lost because of the shock.

I started running downstairs but the shelter was locked, nobody was expecting this.

I didn't know what to do, where to hide!

The alarm stopped....And then I heard the boom.

From that very moment, I couldn't focus on anything...

Not on building funnels.
Not on driving traffic.
Not on improving conversions.
Not on writing emails.
Not on absorbing more information and applying it.


Yesterday they declared on the "Cease-fire" agreement, and until that moment I've done nothing regarding my internet business.

Indeed I lost money..

BUT...What did I see this morning?

This morning I woke up, checked my bank account, checked my autoresponder, my emails and my clickbank account.

Guess what?

I saw earnings of $148.49 dollars, made at the time I was doing nothing at all.

I did nothing, NADA! And yet I make $150 dollars in 5 awesome is that?

Trust me guys, you have no Idea how good this made my day!

$148.49 In 5 Days In Passive Income..HOW?

So, you may or may not know, but to have a successful information marketing business you need to have a funnel in place.

A funnel that will get the most out of the traffic you are driving.

So, I managed to get these results by having traffic flowing automatically to my squeeze page and an OTO on the thank you page.

So, basically it went like this -

Traffic --> Squeeze Page --> Optin --> Thank You Page + Affiliate Banner

So yeah, In this case my OTO is not my own product but a high converting & highly related affiliate product.

So let's break what I want to show you into two main things.

How I managed to get autopilot traffic?

How I managed to find the right offer?

Let's start from the end.

How I managed to find the right offer that is guaranteed to convert?

Well, firstly you need to take a good look at what your squeeze page is offering.

You want to reverse enginerr what you promise to your visitors, and find out what makes them opt-in.

Now, I don't know you squeeze pages, your gifts and your niche.

So I can't look and tell you what can be improved, but I can tell you this -

Go to your squeeze page after you finish reading this post, take a good look and realize why the visitor is subscribing.

Trust me, this little research can skyrocket your profits from zero to hero or something like that lol...

Let's say you are giving away a report about how to make money from the internet.

So you guarantee them they will get the report and that the report will show them step-by-step how to drive massive amounts of highly targeted buyer traffic that will click and buy from you every time you set up this simple system..(hypey)

would you put an OTO about adsense? no.

would you put an OTO about how to drive traffic? actually? no.

you would put an OTO about how to drive even MORE targeted buyer traffic.

Or you would put an OTO about how to make things even easier.

Once you realize what your market wants, find an affiliate offer/create a product that is highly related to what you're promising.

How I Got Traffic On Autopilot?

Here, it gets even better.


Because everybody loves traffic, everybody wants to hear and learn more about traffic.

You know, Traffic Traffic Traffic?

I bet some of you even scrolled down to the traffic part.

So, where did this automated traffic came from?

This automated traffic came right here, from the warrior forum.

Yeah, this may be the same old rehashed information, but trust me, it works.

As you can see I don't have many comments, BUT those little comments have been getting me clicks to my signature, all day long on autpilot.

Trust me guys, it's so simple! just do this and you'll see results!

Just go to forums in your niche, put a signature leading to your free offer and start babbling!

Start participating, solve problems, help people, have some fun, GIVE VALUE

This is the key here, give away value.

When the reader has a problem and you can solve it, you give value.

You know what's better than just "giving value"?

Giving it away for free.

When you give away value for free, people will appreciate this, people will want to learn and see more, you will get noticed.

I can go now to and put my squeeze pages and get 10,000 subscribers for $50 or something and then go to adswaps and start swapping with people, taking advantage of the crappy traffic I got and get targeted traffic from other people's lists.

I won't do it, you know why?

Because it's wrong.

But you know why else I wouldn't do that?

Because that one reader that I helped to, is the most targeted prospect you can have.

He's hot (ladies..)
He wants more.
He actually got his problem solved FOR FREE.

And I didn't spend a penny on getting him.

Now imagine, people on google are looking for answers all the time!

So when somebody googles a question or a problem, they will find a link to the warriorforum with somebody asking the same question...and there you are answering it!

This way you do not depend on google but you still get google traffic.

Same for people searching for answers on forums and stumble upon somebody else aksing the same question, and you're there, answering it.

So, if you want to make $148.49 In passive income in 5 days, this is how you do it.

And remember, this is a game of numbers.

Watch your conversions, and the more traffic you can get, the more passive income you will have in the future.

Traffic + Offer = money.

Lots Of Targeted Traffic + High converting offer = even more money!

Thank you guys and I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, happy thanksgiving!

P.S - Looking forward to hearing what you have to say!

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    Wow,, really inspiring story bro. thanks for sharing n hope you'll have peace soon...
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    Wow great post! I will definitely remember these tips when I start working on my squeeze page. Thanks a lot !
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    What great advice!

    Thank you and we are praying for peace...

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    Originally Posted by TomYevsikov View Post

    Lots Of Targeted Traffic + High converting offer = even more money!

    These points are critical to success this method in making money.

    1. How to drive targeted traffic
    2. Where to find high converting offer
    3. Don't forget to capture leads for list building
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    Congrats on the money, but more glad to see that you are safe.
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      Originally Posted by sbucciarel View Post

      Congrats on the money, but more glad to see that you are safe.
      True that! Today is Thanksgiving here in the US.

      Your post made me think about a lot of things. When people are on the other side of the world it's easy to feel isolated. You don't think about how hard it must be for guys like you to live their daily lives while bombs are going off around them.

      I don't know what the other guy earlier was talking about. To me one of the goals of any business is financial security and stability. You managed to not only survive, but thrive in the middle of a war zone. Major props!
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    • Profile picture of the author Pradeep Bhagwat
      It is really great achievement in bomb blasting around you. You have shared your secret with freely and that proves that you are really true Warrior. Keep it up.

      - Pradeep
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  • Profile picture of the author TomYevsikov
    Sharing stuff for free is the way to go, as I mentioned above
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    Indeed an inspiring story Tom, very glad that you are safe and I hope your friends and family were not harmed as well.

    I've been a member of this forum for 4 years now and let me assure you that bozos like uk099 are the exception here. Most Warriors are helpful and caring individuals, as you obviously are yourself. We've been following the conflict here and were elated when the cease fire was announced, let's hope it continues to hold.

    Definitely a post worth bookmarking, both for the helpful advice and the inspiration you've provided.

    Take care and be safe

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    Good job with the money .. but more glad that your alive! lol
    If you are not making somebodies life better then you are wasting your time

    Life is too short to work 40 hours a week
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    Himanuzo, a commenter has a signature link and he gives away value behind that link free. I see that under that value, he has an affiliate offer banner at the bottom. I wonder if he gets any sales from that banner plus the value and having a siggy link here all in one.
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    congratulations man , thanks for sharing .
    I am also glad that you are safe.

    Keep up the good work

    Learn How to make $194.24/Day By Selling on eBay , Click here

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