Weight Loss "Niche" - Getting Started?

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Hey everyone! I'm looking at writing a weight-loss ebook and would like some advice on getting started.

Before I go further, here's a brief summary of my personal story.

In 2008 I weighed over 400lbs. I don't know exactly how much I weighed because I couldn't find a scale that went up high enough. At one point I weighed myself on two scales (one on each foot) and came up with 462lbs, but I don't know how accurate that method is.

Over the course of two years I got myself down to where I am today: 225lbs. I didn't have any surgery. I didn't do any fad dieting. I made a lot of small but permanent changes to my lifestyle.

I believe I can truly help folks who are in the situation I was. I've broken down what I did into specific, actionable steps. I made several failed attempts before getting it right.

Without getting into the details, I'll say most weight loss advice is dead wrong and actually dangerous for someone who is struggling with morbid obesity.

I have before and after pictures of myself.

Here's the thing... I have a "real world local business" that's moderately successful. I have a little experience in copywriting, sales, etc... Most of my lead generation comes form the internet.

...But I've never sold an info-product before. What suggestions would you have for me to make this idea successful? I know it's a VERY crowded niche. I'm at a disadvantage because it's not a magic "pill".

My target isn't just "people who want to lose weight". It's "morbidly obese people who want an alternative to surgery". I understand the customer because I was in EXACTLY the same boat.

So I guess my question is, do I have enough here to start an info-business? What's the best way for me to go? How do I attract affiliates? Will they even be interested in me since I'm fairly new to the market?
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    Actually, weight loss is extremely easy.

    Use more calories than you ingest.

    The issue is that people have tried to make an industry from weight loss by selling zombie dust, when in reality all that is needed is to abide by the above concept and have perseverance. But it is human nature to look for shortcuts, hence why the so-called weight loss industry is full of scams and rubbish.
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      Originally Posted by Bisturi View Post

      Actually, weight loss is extremely easy.

      Use more calories than you ingest.
      100% true, actually.

      Like the game of "GO" though, the simplicity is misleading. It doesn't help that there's a lot of misinformation out there.

      For years I joked about writing a book entitled "Eat Less & Get Off Your A**". Then I realized even that wasn't totally true.

      There are challenges a morbidly obese person faces that someone who just wants to lose 10lbs will never understand. Because let me tell you...

      When you're so big that nobody wants to sit on either side of you at the movie theater, it's pretty hard to see anything but despair. Everything. Feels. Hopeless.

      ...And that's what this post is really about. I don't have any "Zombie Dust" as you elegantly put it. What I have is a proven methodology for overcoming those obstacles.
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      Originally Posted by Bisturi View Post

      Actually, weight loss is extremely easy.

      Use more calories than you ingest.
      That is not the whole story. There is something called "pica" that makes people eat more and spiral out of control.

      Morbid obesity is a sign of under-nutrition... I know, it sounds awkward.
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      Originally Posted by Bisturi View Post

      Actually, weight loss is extremely easy.

      Use more calories than you ingest.
      lol and this...is why so many people fail
      There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs
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      Originally Posted by Bisturi View Post

      Actually, weight loss is extremely easy.

      Use more calories than you ingest.

      The issue is that people have tried to make an industry from weight loss by selling zombie dust, when in reality all that is needed is to abide by the above concept and have perseverance. But it is human nature to look for shortcuts, hence why the so-called weight loss industry is full of scams and rubbish.
      It hurts reading this.
      Do everyone a favor and refrain from providing dietary advice.
      What you said is flat out wrong and in many ways something that can only serve to make the situation people face even less surmountable.

      I'd be more than happy to discuss with anyone in PM about it- but the simple FACT about calories in versus calories out is WRONG.

      That above post is not only uninformed, it is hurtful.
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    It looks like you know a lot about your niche, but what's even more important for you than that is know how to market your product. There are lots of bad quality products that sell way better the good ones and it is all because of marketing.

    So I would suggest that you try to learn as much as you can about marketing your product, work on it daily, use videos, articles, contact some authority blog owners and write a guest post. You can make a good deal directly with them so they could advertise your product.

    You have what it takes to start this business, just make sure that your product is a good quality and people will eventually recognize it.
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    Just because your product doesn't fit the "clickbank mold" doesn't mean it won't be successful. It doesn't sound like you're targeting the weekend warrior who wants to lift up his shirt at a bar so girls can touch his abs.. save those videos for clickbank and research your target audience. You've got a unique angle instead of casting a huge net and trying to reel in every fish - which is good. Now you need to focus on their needs and building a great product around that.
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    It looks like you've got a pretty good idea of who you want to target. If you tackle it from the angle of the fact that much of the information in the industry is wrong, then that's how you might be able to get into that niche.
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    Whatever happens, congrats on your achievements. I can't imagine what a struggle that would be. A rare example of someone that knows what they're talking about in the creation of an infoproduct.
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    It's even better since you know your niche from personal experience. I think you can make money from it with a good strategy. Keep following the advice here on the forum, and you will be well on your way.

    P.S. In this situation, I would start off with my own product - not an affiliate product.
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    The weight loss niche is probably the most competitive out there. Unless you are promoting rebill CPA offer on FB with a cloaker, you will be hard pressed to start in this niche by just creating a product and throwing it up on clickbank.
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    Whatever you do, understand K-WORDS. This will make your life sweet or a living hell.
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    Matthew PM me. There are some things we can help you with. I am about to launch a groundbreaking product in the niche.
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    I would start a blog and basically document your journey. People are always attracted to true success stories from everyday people like you and I, and not celebrities who can hire personal trainers, nutrition especialist and this and that.

    A blog will allow you to build a loyal audience who will buy your product without hesitation because they already feel like they know you and your story.

    Of course, this will take longer, but in the long run, it will be a real asset for you, where you can build your list and perhaps sell new and improved products to them once in a while.

    Good luck to you.
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      I personally don't think the weight loss niche is saturated. The problem is you have to find your USP (unique selling proposition).

      You already have a narrow niche since you are focusing on morbid obese people as opposed to those who only want to lose a few pounds.

      Now here's another problem, your method works great for yourself but what proof do you have that it will work for others???

      You see everyone's anatomy is different and someone else could do exactly what you did but have a different result. So you'll need some guinea pis so to speak to work your method on so you can have even more social proof.

      But how do you market?

      Let's say your method works for more than 90% of people who take action, how do you bring it across to the work?

      My suggestion is to team up with someone that is already successful in the industry then later on you can branch off on your own. Get with someone who has a full marketing team in place and develop a product. Get a legal team on board and draw up a contract and agree to some specific terms as it relates to profits and rights.

      It may take you some time to find someone willing to partner but if you get the right person a product like yours could do wonders and make you a ton of money.

      Good luck!
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    Ok, first off thanks for all the input. It's really helping.

    I agree the weight loss niche is very competitive. That's why I'm kicking around ideas before I invest too much time / money into this.

    My initial thought was to write an ebook, set it up with Clickbank, write a long-form sales page, and try to attract affiliates. My fear is that with so many competing products it will be difficult to attract them. Since the niche is crowded, organic SEO is going to be hard and Adwords would be expensive.

    The only way to make this option would be a JV. That's probably my best bet for breaking into the industry. The problem is, once again, getting the attention of a quality partner in such a crowded niche.

    A number of you have mentioned a blog. I'm starting to like that idea. It's a lot more work but the format would give me time to set myself up as an authority. The problem is monetization. Blogs eat content so most of what I'd sell would get eaten up in blog posts.

    Also, building blog readership is MUCH easier said than done...

    I'm still kicking around ideas. Thanks for your input! :-)
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    It doesn't matter how new you are to the market because you have a story. My fiancee lost over 170 pounds and now trains women to do the same thing. However, she doesn't do it online.

    My advice, coming from seeing what she does, I would create a membership forum or a forum with a paid area. Maybe promote the membership through a free ebook you can use to build a list or something like that.

    It think the forum will provide you with a better platform to actually interact with the people you want to help. You are certainly on the right track and have the right type of story to enter this niche and become a success.

    Just avoid all the gimmicky stuff and concentrate on helping people. If you worry about helping people the money will be there.

    Benjamin Ehinger
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      The blog is not to put your main content in it, but to add related content. For example, you can do podcasts, or skype interviews, or be interviewed. You can analyze products and explain why they are damaging or good (a typical example is diet soda, it is pure poison for everyone, but especially for those overweight).

      The monetization is the kindle book. And you can add, maybe, a support forum, or personal consultation as additional channels.

      If things go right for you, you want to add a price for consultation even if it is low. People will contact you anyway, and you can get caught up in big drama.
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