Website does not look good in Firefox, OUCH!

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Hey Warriors,

Do you know of any program that helps you edit the HTML so that it conforms to the Firefox browser. I have some stair stepping issues on a few pages like my FAQ, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy pages... that only occur in Firefox not IE. Please advise as site just got published, thanks.
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    Actually FF is showing the pages correctly, it's IE that screws them up. You need to design for FF and then put in the CSS changes so that they display properly in IE.
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      Shoot, since it was designed in IE, what is the fastest way to correct this?
      By the way, thanks for replying...
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        If I remember correctly Internet Explorer was around before Firefox so I'm not sure how you come to the conclusion that IE is screwing things up?

        I know a lot of people use Firefox but I hear of nothing but issues of display problems in browsers running FF.

        In fact across all domains I own all my statistics indicate that only 20 to 40% of the users are using Firefox.

        That number will probably change a lot higher as time goes on I'm probably guessing, but until there's more reliability with webpages displaying, IE seems to be the most universal for page display.

        I really would like to upgrade to Firefox because I've heard so many great things about it, except, I keep hearing over and over and over about pages not displaying correctly using FF compared to IE.

        In fact I just went to earlier today and tested one of my new sites using different browsers including FF and IE.

        The results? There were more display issues using FF....

        That really didn't surprise me though because I'm always hearing about people having display issues using FF.

        Frank Bruno
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          Man my head just went BOOM! I appreciate the responses, just do not want to have these issues however, there MUST be a way to copy and paste my HTML in some sort of program and make the fixes easy. I can't find what is wrong but so many of you programmers know exactly what it is. Please advise if you have a chance. Thanks you guys and gals.
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            Try remove the <Marquee> tag and check.
            FF is not very fond of Marquees.

            Theres also too much use of the <Span> tag ... nested at some place and not all <span> tags are closed. The 'step' I think is bcoz of that. Theres a 40px margin in the <p> tags and thats how the Steps are moving, by 40px inside. Theres some kind of a looping happening in the <p> and <span> tags.

            BTW theres some extra code/tag not needed after the </html> tag.

            Close each tags properly and check.

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              what do you currently use for building your pages ?

              although i cannot speak from experience, a friend of mine uses dreamweaver to "fix" after he built it with something else. he messes around with various programs, including openoffice, nvu and MS office.
              Ex-ghostwriter now writing exclusive PLR ebooks - Limited PLR Club
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                Thanks, I will close all tags and remove the extra span tags along with the marquees. Thanks for that tip, I will try it.

                I am using just html and java script by hand. No programs or templates so it is a tad more confusing. I will check out dream weaver. Thanks.
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