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Hey guys & Ladies

I am spending a lot of time here and on DP forum and i learn a lot from you and it is a time that i always think spent wisely.

One thing i always find on the negative threads of people who are not successful in internet marketing, is that they try too many marketing strategies without focusing most of their effort on 1 marketing strategy that they can really master.

SEO is the most difficult marketing strategy, but it is also the best and the only maybe that can be a long term success.

But not all of us have the time and can do this strategy perfectly. so what .. to quite at all?

I will give you here some real examples

1. A good internet marketer who now own a $2M business, started like most of us with nothing, but he was desperate to make money online, but he also had no time to learn about all those marketing strategies and learn how to effectively use SEO to generate results and fast. So he started a blog, then focused on facebook fan page marketing, he did nothing except facebook marketing and fan page marketing. and he did succeed.

2. A very close friend of mien. Nancy.. also knew that she is not good and maybe will never be good with SEO and link building, so she also focused on 2 marketing strategies to promote her own blog, and affiliate offers. she used facebook and related forums. she used facebook wall posts only and she was accused of spamming on some forums. but she soon learned how to use forums to generate high targeted traffic without spamming and only by being really helpful and really friendly to other members.

so if you are not doing well with SEO, or list building or any marketing strategy you are trying, you need to find your focus.

a marketing strategy that you can master, be creative and generate results fast.

there are hundreds of marketing strategies out there like
pay per click .. not recommended at all
pay per view .. great for lead generation
email marketing .. great for niche marketing
social networks... be creative, and get to know what your friends will be interested on
video marketing.. great for CPA offers.
Just focus on one, learn everything about it and don't be cheap, if you need to invest on this strategy to learn and be an expert do it.

Good luck
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    Great post Jossefsal. I focus on article marketing (outsource) for long term exposure, forum, classified ads and blogging.
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    PPC - Not recommended at all? I would say it's the most recommended course of action. I would suggest, if you have the money to invest, is to learn this skill above all others. It's fast and very, very profitable. If you can master PPC you will never go hungry.

    I do agree with you on sticking to 1 or 2 strategies at a time though. Without a proven strategy and plan in place you will inevitably jump from one thing to the next.
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    There are some strategies that you should focus on and some that you should not fret about. SEO is one of them. You can hire the best company and do everything you can to get your website on page 1 of Google, but I wouldn't focus too much on that.

    You need to work with a few strategies at the same time and do a little each day of each one.

    Write 1 new article per day.

    Do 1 video per day and upload it to YouTube.

    Watch over your PPC campaigns.

    Look for new blogs and post your comments there.

    Blog every day.

    Go to forums in your niche and comment there each day.

    Test new solo ads.

    Do all of them each day. Even if it is a little, you will just move one step closer to your goals.
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    That's a great point about sticking to one strategy. In my opinion this is why most newbies fail. They keep looking for the next hottest money making method and don't stick at it.
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    I dont know about the "PPC not recommended" quote. PPC is very much alive in my business, and it works even better in smaller niche businesses. If Adwords isn't your forte, migrate over to Bing Ads.
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      The main takeaway from your post is that people should focus on something that they are good with and be consistent.

      Whether free traffic or paid traffic it doesn't matter. Stick with it until you master it by testing and tweaking what works.
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        Jossefsall, That was a good one. It's so true that the best way to be successful online is to be an expert in one area. I should start doing that myself.

        thanks a lot!
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    Good tips, OP. I do need to focus on a strategy that can work!
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    Great tips, I am sick of link building,maybe it's time for me to be creative on other marketing strategics.
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