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I am looking to make an intro video for a service that I offer and it is going to be the feature of my website. I know I can outsource the video making or even make it myself, but I want it to be done really well.

I've considered fiverr, but in my experience, you get what you pay for.

What will a 3 minute quality video cost if outsourced and where can I go for this? What would this cost?

What software do you use to make your own videos?

Thank you very much, I ran a search, but the results were way off.
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    Home this service looks good no plug just remember him promoting it im on his list
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    on fiverr is not just junks, there are good gig and really professional person who can made a good intro video.
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    I have already earned over $300 with one of my services due to a Fiverr video. The secret is not to buy DEFAULT packages. Buy with extras like extra minutes. Also, write your own script and have the video maker incorporate a VOICE OVER from another Fiverr gig. All in all, I spent $35 for the video. It has reeled in $300 so far so not bad, right?

    Stay away from anyone wanting to charge more... At this stage of the game, you don't have the money to blow on someone's over inflated estimate of their skills.
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      Quality is relative. Normally for a short promotional video, when I do the whole thing script, video and voice over, it is $60.

      On the other hand if someone wants computer generated animation then they can be looking at a lot of money.

      In the middle are things that have a lot of special effects but that can be done without using a program such as Blender.
      I hope this helps.
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        there are WONDERFUL video intros on fiverr

        just sayin

        If you are not making somebodies life better then you are wasting your time

        Life is too short to work 40 hours a week
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  • Fiverr should not be entirely disqualified. You dont just "get what you pay for" if you select the right gigs.
    You know, if someone took the time to put an informative description and title while also putting up a video further describing then you actually got a potentially good candidate that would excel in his work.
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