Squidoo how does it work?

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hi warriors

I've just recently made a squidoo account, i have no idea what to do and how to use this as an affiliate, can someone else that is currently an affiliate tell me excactly how i should do this?

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    have a great day

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    Hi! A lot of marketers like to use Squidoo as a linkbuilding method, as the value of their links are powerful...though not as powerful as they once use to be. Just think of squidoo as a "hub site" or article directory. Hub sites are way more better than article directories because you can publish content with a link to your site without having to wait 3-7 days for your article to be approved (such as with article directories).

    You just write an article, add "capsules" such as videos, or whatever you want, add a link to your site...and voila...you got high page rank links to your site.

    Another site just like this one which is rather newer is called Hubpages. I like hubpages a little better because your page gets indexed waaaay faster than Squidoo. Also, their links are dofollow, which means you will get more traffic from the search engines once you reach a score of 70. Its not hard to reach this score. Just write three to four good articles, post them, ping them, and wait for your page to get indexed. It can take 1-3 days for Squidoo pages to get indexed if you don't bookmark the pages,which usually takes me about an hour. Hope that helps

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    Squidoo is like hubpages. You create QUALITY articles, add capsules like videos and pictures and then link to your site. You'll be surprised how squidoo can enhance the traffic to your site. I prefer hubpages though. I also get awesome traffic from it.
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