If English is not your first language

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I just saw a post by some one selling packages of writing services, for several hundred dollars.English was definitely not his first language. Now there is nothing wrong with that if he is hiring native English speakers to do the work (he'd better be at that price).

What I couldn't understand is why he didn't have his best writer re-write his message before posting it.
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    If he doesn't get a good response, then next time maybe he will have someone.. who has a better grasp of the language, write his ad/copy for him...

    High priced items and low quality ads/copy simply, do not work out most of the times...
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    This is often a huge sales killer for me.
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    what you are describing seems pretty sad. I myself im not an native english speaker (although I have a writing service in another forum and it brings me some money) and I personally try to double check anything I write because I know as a non native i will always make some mistakes. bad grammar on a sales page is perhaps the biggest sale killer EVER.
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    Who knows, maybe he did ask his best writer to writ the copy
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    Definitely a sale killer. I generally close the page or hit the back button when I see this.
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    I think it's a HUGE sells killer.
    I always spend a lot of $$. for proper English spelling and rewriting, because i am not native speaker.
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    I'm selling an e-book, English is not my 1st language I'm doing my best> I recheck every paragraph, etc because I can't sell an item that is hard to understand also I think that if you know you can't DO something, you shouldn't sell it, it will be like lying to people.

    Finally back.

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    Being a native English speaker doesn't make one good writer.
    I have seen many native English writers making serious grammar mistakes.

    Just saying it; by the way I am not a writer.
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    Actually sometimes skills and sometimes
    grammar is necessary but most essential thing is explanation ,
    and capability to understand anything .
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    Asking for help may come up as a good solution.
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    That's like me offering to teach math, then getting my prices added up wrong.
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    maybe he is a native English speaker, who knows??
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