Do you think apps will dominate the internet soon?

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I keep reading that apps is soon supposed to take over the IM space but I am not so sure about that.

I have an Ipad and only use the Bank of America app and also the skype app.

The rest of the time I spent reading blogs, this forum, using google etc.

I don't have a smart phone so maybe smart phone users do use more apps but so far I see no evidence that apps will dominate the internet soon, if ever.

Do you use a lot of apps?


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    Apps will not dominate the internet, although apps are the 'next big thing' in money making.
    I use heaps of apps, as do others. Just take a look at the itunes store, there are BILLIONS of people who download new apps daily. I think it would be worth while investing in creating an app.
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    I agree with zxboss, and who knows, a new next big thing could come out..
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    I don t think it will take over IM.

    Though you can make lots of money by developping them, but they're not cheap to get done and not that easy to promote.

    But when you get a few of them, you can always promote "in-app" for the new ones, and if you have lots of users, you will get new installs easily.

    You can also do adswaps and this kind of thing.

    So yes, there is a lot to do, but how would it take over the MMO niche?
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    lets just put it this way. apple sells nearly 1 million iphones a week. APPLE alone. There are androids and other smartphones to worry about now. Yes, apps will dominate for sure
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    This was posted recently - 5 Important Trends Affecting The Local, Social & Mobile Industry

    This article was featured in Flippa Blog and I got it as a subscriber. Has some info about future of mobile apps. A must read article....
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      Apps will grow and the internet will continue on as it always has.
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    Takeover IM? No. Enhance it? Work as a tool for IMers? Absolutely.
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    If you mean by take over, you mean displacing... I don't think it will. It will have its segment and web will have its segment.
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    Mobile apps have their own segment in the IM industry. It's not like we're all going to dump our PCs and laptops in favor of mobile phones and tablets. Mobile phones and tablets complement my business well, but they're not replacing my workhorse desktop PC anytime soon.
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      Android and iOS apps will continue to mature into a force to be reckoned with. They are already creating huge amounts of revenue for many people, those familiar with internet marketing and otherwise. But I don't think they will "dominate the internet". If you think about it, apps are a dumbed down conventional computer experience.

      Now, if you're talking about apps and their place in one's overall marketing strategy, that's a whole other story. As the tablet and smart phone industry continue to grow and evolve I think we'll see many more internet marketers trying to hop on the bandwagon.

      A successful Android or iOS app can obviously produce a ton of money as well as complement a product, service, or website perfectly if done right. Developing such an app is difficult and costly and it isn't as simple as hiring a programmer for cheap and putting out a generic dating app. I know for a fact that Google Play is already cracking down on near useless app releases only created for a quick buck.

      Apps will definitely dominate in terms of an individual's overall marketing approach simply because they can be so easy and convenient to use. I've yet to delve into the app ecosystem but it's on my to do list as tablets and smart phones are really hitting their stride. One thing is for sure, consumers love apps.
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    Apps will play a significant role but it won't dominate the internet.
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    applications are going to play a very vital role in the future but I dont think it will ever be a threat to internet
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    The hype is that every business needs an app. There are tons of junk apps serving no real purpose except as a money maker for app builders. Apps that enhance the relationship between client and business will thrive. Hopefully, the junk apps will begin to go away.

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      I think itwas wired magazine thatdid an article about how apps will essentially dominate the internet and how pc's and regular websites will fall away.

      I don't buy it.

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    Apps have their own utility and will surely make a big mark but it will not exactly replace the Internet. Both have their importance and both will function in their own domain. The line that seperates them may become thin but it won't be wiped away completely. Its true that the number of apps have increased and so have the use of Internet.
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    Already Dominating around!
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    I think already dominate! if we talk about apps, are here somebody who generate revenue from apps ?
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    Computers are used for computing and the web is used by these people just for research. So that segment is not going to use mobile apps.
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    They will both grow together, but if you do want to jump in the app bandwagon you better do it soon because it is already really saturated.
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    I don't think so...
    Earn $1,037.69 in daily is NOT a big amount.
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    Apps will only dominate the internet if mobiles can.
    It will only get popular until a replacement sets in.

    Nobody but just me.....

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    Certainly form an IM point of view they will not take over. There is also a lot of development that needs to be invested if your thinking of going into this market.

    Having said that I probably use about 50 different apps on a daily basis from shopping to SEO!

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    Well, Apps will become an ingredient of internet with time. I dont see them in isolation, except for in cases of some games. Apps will help build an eco system of customer experience. It will be of great utility with cloud computing erupting. I see apps for creating an unified experience across different device categories - phone, computer, Tablet & TV.
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