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Hey Warriors,

I wanted to share with you the way in which I signed up my first few offline clients...which incidentally was a complete accident.

I'd been fiddling around with my iPhone and the Facebook App on it after a meal with family and friends, when I decided to "Check in" to the restaurant I was at.

The first few pages which came up were unclaimed facebook pages with tons of likes, checkins and comments.

Yet the owners official page was way at the bottom....with little activity or interaction.

I asked to see the owner and mentioned to him that he had a number of unclaimed facebook pages which were getting all the attention of his customers...

I offered to help him claim the pages (free of charge) and walked him though the process.

I advised him that once facebook handed over those pages that he should merge them to help increase his facebook presence, and that I could help him with that should he need it.

I left him my number and left it at that...

A few days later I got a call asking to meet me where we agreed to merge the pages and he opted to have his page customised and a promotional campaign run for him. I outsourced the creation of the logo, cover image and the custom app and pocketed the profit....

Since then I have done this on 2 other occasions and found that most places have multiple unclaimed pages which the owner is unaware of. On one of those occasions the owner called me up and on the other I called the owner a week after seeing him and asked how it was going. The result was two more bits of offline work.

So next time you are at a bar, restaurant or shop remember to checkin to see if there are unclaimed pages you can help an owner with.....it might lead to a nice payday!

Kind regards,

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