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From what I have seen and experienced the biggest reason people don't make any money or have very little success boils down to one thing ...


Let's face there are enough ways to make money online. In fact, if you sift through this forum you can make a plan that will generate money quickly with all the free information.

Here are the problems as I see it when it comes to focusing on a project. (Isn't that all of our goals here are to make Money?)

1. We DO NOT eliminate distractions
2. We DO NOT have a plan with an end goal in mind and that is not broken down to manageable tasks
3. We DO NOT think positive and visualize
4. We DO NOT reward ourselves for accomplishments we make
5. We DO NOT take enough action

Let's tackle one at a time.

Eliminate ALL distractions!

Organize your work area, this means you're desktop on your computer too.
Have only the "tools" you need to get your task done (more on tasks in a minute). Why is this important? Here is an example that will drive home the point...

Ever watch bowling on TV? What do they have for equipment? A bowling ball or two, special bowling shoes and some bowlers have those wrist guards. That's it! They only bring what they are going to use. Use the same principle here.

Here are a few "distraction eliminating" tips to help you FOCUS.

- Do Not have programs running that you don't need.
- Do Not have the Radio or TV on.
- Do Not Read your emails - wait until you are done your "tasks"
- Do Not Read your RSS feeds.
- Do Not make or answer phone calls unless it is an emergency.
- try to work without background noise (when I first started online I wouldn't work until my children went to bed ... ahhh hear the silence ... sorry I will wake up again)


Have you made a plan or a strategy for your internet marketing?

This area is a little controversial to me because there are some many programs and style of marketing that work out there. Remember, I am not selling anything here and admittedly I am less than a year into my full time IM career. I hear people saying one system sucks and this one is better. All well and good, but many "systems", "blueprints" and "methods" are great.

Each person has to find one that will work for them. I am sure that there 1000's of systems that work but I am not suited for because of my personality, gender and a bunch of other reasons.
What's been working for me are two things, Article Marketing and Video Marketing. I have used these ways to market affiliate sites and AdSense. I am satisfied with my results.

Now I'm getting my feet wet with JV's and making my own product. The point is this though, I am taking is "slow" by taking action in one area at a time until I get results in that area.

When you achieve great results you can outsource that task and move on to your next task.

That being said, everyone has a different "style". Use that style to your advantage, what do I mean? If you been in the IM field for any length over ... say 2 days ... you probably have bought a "How to Make Money" product. There are great WSO right now, check them out. Making you use a product that you have bought and THAT YOU LIKE!

A good product will have "step by step" aspect to it. (This is not a plug but I currently doing the Guru Assassin product) As you go though the strategy formulate your own plan, decide on an end goal and ask yourself "How is this plan going to help me achieve my end goal"?

Next break down the project into different "bite size" tasks that you need to do ... wait for it ... and TAKE ACTION and do them! Every step will have tasks, just organize them and do them in order.


Always think positive thoughts.

If you think you are going to fail you won't be disappointed. Think positive, believe in yourself and visualize your success. Enough said on that.


Reward yourself for your accomplishments.

That's rights appreciate what you have done, you did it now go enjoy yourself for it.

Possible reward milestones...

- You create your first opt in page.
- You get your first opt in.
- You create your first sales letter.
- You get your first sale.
- The first time you responded to a personal email from a person that bought your product.

I hope you get the point. It truly helps to motivate.

In fact I never used this reward method until I had my first website go from PR 0 to PR 1. I know sounds stupid but I took my girlfriend out to dinner, she looked me funny when I told why by the way. The point it helped motivate me, plus I like prime rib.


Most people do not take rejection well and believe that if you have put work into something it should pay off immediately.

Let me clear this up real quick. Honestly if you have the "paycheck" mentality and need instant gratification then go find a "real job" and stick with that. The other thing is that people feel rejected by others because of something that they tried and didn't appear to work. This is business and people are going to say no, the heck with them, focus on the yes's. You will get them.

In conclusion it boils down to ...

One word...


The Absolute Most Important Tip I Can Give You
(I used to make this "sin" all the time) - You NEVER will be able to FOCUS if you expect perfection. You will never achieve perfection! Don't waste your time with that, just make your efforts function well, but never go for perfection. If you strive for perfection you will never be able get anything done.

Thanks for reading

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    Get a stopwatch timer app like Cool Timer: Download Cool Timer, Cool Timer 3.6 Download

    Set it for 30 minutes, work focused on just ONE thing during that timespan. Amazing productivity tool.
    have a great day

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      I couldn't focus for anything when I got started. Hence my screen name!

      This tool was a life saver for me: www (dot) rescuetime(dot)com
      Once I started using it I could actually see how much time I was spending (or wasting ) each day on useless tasks that added nothing to my bottom line.

      Even if you think you are being very productive, give that tool a try and see just how your day breaks down. It might surprise you.
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