Serious advice needed on my sites all hosted on one IP ...?! HELP

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I have posted this in various guises several times before, but got no definitive or close to educated answers on it. Opinion is great, but as you will see this question is kind of critical to success and time spent on it.

After all the G updates, I am wondering if anyone has any proof or evidence elsewhere on blogs if any websites are disregarded, not indexed, PR downgraded etc ... IF THEY ARE ALL HOSTED TOGETHER ON ONE HOST ACCOUNT, AND EACH POINT TO ONE OR TWO MONEY SITES.

the reason I have done this is to save money on hosting. I only have five sites on the one IP that I am trying to build up content for, and pass the PR to the sites.

Intuitively I imagine that it could be bad, but not sure if there is a limit of say ten sites on one IP before Google just doesnt index them or somehow limits the PR they can pass on.

But then I thought about getting PR from blogs that are all on DOT COM. Google would treat each of those as the PR of the individual pages or websites and not discount them?

I could potentially split the five sites into TWO and THREE on two seperate hosting accounts, but dont know if that is worth it either.

Does anyone have a reference to Google guidelines or some authority speaking about how to do this?

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    yea I think that in google's eyes is a link farm...

    I don't even link to my sites too much from each other...

    You don't have any friends you could slide a few bucks to host your sites?

    I met a guy who has the same issue but with like 120 sites... They also made changes where if you use the same keyword for one site, you would be punished...

    he spent weeks going through and making updates...
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    There is absolutely nothing wrong with hosting multiple sites on the same hosting account/IP.
    You can even interlink them (verified by Matt Cutts in one of his videos) if they are relevant to each other without any penalty.
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      That's a great question and one that I don't think there is a definitive answer for... at least not one that I know of. We are currently researching this in the hopes of finding one.

      My "sense" (from limited information based on multiple accounts from our group) is that there are problems with this approach especially if a website on your IP has been flagged or penalized. I feel the same way with many multiple websites targeting the same niche with just basically a keyword change on the same IP.

      Again, these are "feelings" from a pretty small sample of information, but my gut tells me there are issues.
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