Help with Affiliate Recruitment Strategy? Incentives, Prizes, etc

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Quick background on me:

My business partner and I are gearing up for a huge product launch in the next 4-5 weeks, around January 1st. We've come up with a new fat loss method that we firmly believe will become the next diet fad (although calling it a fad is misleading, since its totally sustainable over the long term). If you've read the truth about abs, eat stop eat, etc... this book is of much better quality and we're more than qualified to write it. In any case, what I'm saying is that we have an awesome product that we know will get results but we have no way to reach a large targeted audience of buyers. We had another fitness product that we've spent the last 10 months or so trying to sell with very poor results. We thought we could just put it on clickbank with max commission and that affiliates would essentially do the rest. After a few months of that not working we redesigned our website from a simple sales page to a complete fitness blog in an effort to get ranked and generate some traffic. The site was seeing about 3000 unique visitors a month, but still no sales. Anyway, we're doing a total reboot with a vastly superior product and (ideally) a more effective launch strategy.

My Question:
In order to recruit affiliates I thought offering a tiered incentive program would help (since apparently 75% commission on clickbank is useless nowadays). Essentially we would put the 75% commission in place for all affiliates, and then have milestones where they would earn higher amounts.

There are multiple ways to do this:

1. First affiliate to reach 100, 500, 1000 sales etc gets increased commission on all books sold. (theoretically will lead to competition between affiliates to sell faster), 85%, 90%, 100% etc. I'm absolutely willing to give 1 affilate 110% commission if I have 5 others that also sold a ton of copies at 75%.

2. Every affiliate gets an increased commission at various sales levels

3. We start at 100% commission (or even higher) and gradually reduce this to 75% once they reach various milestones.

4. We offer prizes at various milestones.... i.e. once you sell 1,000 copies we'll buy you airfare anywhere in the world, etc.

Second part of this question:
Once we have this strategy setup, where are the best places to go advertise to affiliates to let them know about this "contest" we're running?

Thoughts on any of that? Thank you in advance for all the help!
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