Ideas on How to Monetize my Infoproduct

by Vienn
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Hi everyone

I recently created an ebook on the travel writing niche and after 2 months, still have no sale. I'm now considering offering this as a bonus for an affiliate offer but not sure how to go about it.

Any ideas on how I can monetize my infoproduct and/or if you have any tips on promoting it other than SEO? The salespage website is currently ranked #4 on Google for the target keyword but still no sale.

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    You're doing what causes most people to fail. They don't see success with something and they simply give up on an idea and move onto something else. Stick with your blog and make sure you're targeting the right audience or else you're going to find it very difficult to get any sales.

    You must not think very highly of your product if your first thought when you don't make a sale is, "ah screw it, i'll just put it in as a bonus offer to someone else's product." That's not how you promote something, you tell people how awesome it is, why they need it and show them how well you know what you're talking about and people will start shelling out their wallets.

    Start a Blog/Website and build up a targeted list via e-mail opt ins. Send these people newsletters or tips every once in a while with a link hinting to purchase your product (which will be another portion of the site)

    I can't hold your through the whole thing but there are plenty of ways that you could be promoting your e-book rather than trying it out for a little while then just simply giving up on it.

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    Originally Posted by Vienn View Post

    Any ideas on how I can monetize my infoproduct and/or if you have any tips on promoting it other than SEO?
    Tip: Head over to Warrior Plus and sign up. Find other marketers selling products in your niche. Go after vendors who have 100 or less sales as these guy/gals are easier to target. Ask them if you can be of assistance and offer to help them out with anything; if you have skills in other areas i.e. video editing, graphics, etc. Also suggest at some point if they would like to add your eBook as a bonus to their product.

    If your product is good they will give you a GO!

    This is known as rocket deals. I've done them a few times and it has served me well.

    In order for his/her buyers to get access to your product they will have to opt in. So you build your list and manage to add value the other marketer's offer. Setting yourself up for a potential JV.

    Hope that helps

    PS: Obviosuly you can do things a little different to suit your circumstance.

    This will NOT be up for long. Get it now whilst You still can. Btw it's FREE...
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