Upcoming Product Launches - Which Ones Should You Promote?

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As these products haven't even been released yet, what is the criteria you usually use to select which ones to promote?

Also, I know JV Notify Pro is good for upcoming product launches, but what if I want to stay away from the IM and Make Money Online Niche? Can anyone point me towards a few other resources?
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    The most important thing when deciding whether or not you should promote a product is the audience. If you plan on promoting it to your list, it needs to be something that you list would like. If it's a facebook marketing list, you won't want to sell them Weight Loss PLR products. Find something that will have a high perceived value to your customer, and then offer it in a helpful, targeted way.

    I like to use MunchEye to see upcoming WSO launches.
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    Originally Posted by dreamtoreality View Post

    Upcoming Product Launches - Which Ones Should You Promote?
    I should promote none.

    My subscribers, in all my niches, like to be assured that I'll never be promoting any new, untried, untested products/services at all. They want to know that I promote only well-established, proven stuff with longstanding first-class reputations and recommendations based on successful experience.

    And since I'm an affiliate marketer, my income rests on fulfilling subscriber/visitor expectations, and building up relationships based on credibility and trust. Most of the money in affiliate marketing comes from repeat sales to the same customers, so I can't afford a mistake.

    Just my perspective.
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      Also look at the quality of the job site. I recently found a product I had an audience for however links on the site did not work, I emailed the owner, got a error figured out he hyperlinked that email so when you clicked on it it went to another email (poor way to do it) then the swipes, prizes, etc where all blank and this is a little more than a week away. Obviously I did not promote that product.
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    for product IM launch maybe you should check seller reputation.. but i don't know where you find not related IM niche launch sorry

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      Which Ones Should You Promote?
      Well, I don't have the time for it right now - but if I did I'd be looking for the ones that might compliment my priority niche at the moment.

      Of course, I'd have to know who was doing the launch or at the very least have a sample of the product.

      "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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