Best use of a domain?

by Steffy 9 replies
I have an adult domain and wanted to figure out the best way to use it.

I want to set up a site fairly easily and cheaply(if possible) in order to increase the domains value and then hopefully sell it on.

I'm not looking for a long term business. I just want to build the site, add some value to it and sell it on.

Any ideas?

Thank you.
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    Forget about it and let it expire. The adult internet is in shambles, everyone is quitting and even decent domains are virtually unwanted nowadays.
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    I agree... try your best to sell it and pick a different niche
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    As the two above posters states - find a niche that you are interested/passionate about and go from there.

    Me personally I would never get into the adult internet business
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      Put it up for sale. Park it with ads in the mean time.
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    Thank you guys.
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    Definitely put it on sale, nowadays it's now worth getting in that niche. There are more profitable niches out there.

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    Building a site might be a good idea to sell high. If the domain text doesn't sound too odd for an adult dating site - you could purchase a dating script, set it up and put it up for sale. (There's a free one too:

    A full-fledged adult dating site might seem an attractive idea to potential buyers, rather than just a plain old domain.

    Since I have no experience in this niche, I'm curious to ask - how're you gonna find buyers? Does Flippa allow adult?

    Good luck!
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    Hi everyone,

    if you are not lookig for long term business try to sell it as quick as possible. Adult domains are getting less popular.

    All the best.
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    I believe that you already how that this task is quite challenging. There are couple of ways. But i would like to prefer to follow the moderate ways rather than be aggressive especially when you are working with adult sites.
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