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How do i go about spying on a domain name a really want but its already taken i done my home work and it expires in OCT-08 is there a domain watching tool any one may have


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  • I'm sure you are watching thru Godaddy. If not you can watch it their. Ofcourse you know it will set idle for appx 60 day's before being put up for sale again. If it does not sell it will be back out for $9.95.

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      Yes, you won't be able to buy it the day after it expires as the old owner has a redemption period.

      Are you set on that domain? You might be able to buy one just as good right now and not have to wait so long to get a site up.

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        Ya, like rmholla said, its probably best to just try to get a different one.
        Another thing to keep in mind is what they are doing with the domain while you wait. I've waited to get domains before only to find out that they were used for "shady" things and by the time I got them they had a bad rep with google.
        Unless you absolutly need that name fore some reason its usually best to just get a new one. Then you dont have to wait for anyone or anything and if sometime later you do end up getting the domain you want then its just a bonus.
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