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Hi Guys,

So looking back on Frank Kerns 4 day cash machine I have seen reviews from over the last few months from a few people and see it is still working very well. A company I work with focus mostly on eCommerce and so after making the campaigns unique I tested it over a 4 day period from Friday until Yesterday for 300 new subscribers.

As an eCommerce store selling physical products we promoted a 10% discount on anything. Coming back to work today it seems that this method had no effect at all. I know 300 people is not a lot, we had 5 unsubscribers and 1 complaint thinking we was spamming them although we did mention about the offer available until Monday only.

Just a shame to see no results from this campaign at all. Have anyone tested this for their own eCommerce platform before? I am trying to get my head around as to how else we can improve conversions because what I thought would work really well, turned out not working for us at all.
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  • The whole "4 Day Cash Machine" idea is to offer a temporary special discount based around one specific event (Black Friday, your birthday, Christmas, your first baby, whatever).

    People tend to react to this type of "take it or miss it" discounts because people like one-off bargains. That's why the 4 Day Cash Machine principle works.

    However, a 10% discount is not a *bargain*. You need to offer a very juicy discount like 50% in order to get people excited, which is usually only possible with digital products not with physical products (margins are too small).
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      Originally Posted by Cool Hand Luke View Post

      If you'll recall, the 4-day cash machine is based around giving your prospects a 50%-off deal for a limited time, not a miniscule 10%. Kern was specific in his examples, mentioning "at least 50% off".

      As an ecommerce store, I don't know if your margins can support that kind of discount, but if you want to really test out the 4-day cash machine, I suspect the larger discount is essential.
      I guess this is where we fell short on this promotion as margins are tight enough as they are. Information products you can afford to provide big cuts but for physical products it's not ideal.

      If that's the case I guess any other eCommerce store owner who want's to try this attempt 25% as 10% did not work for me. I think that sounds reasonable. The auto responder was triggered for new subscribers, but realistically I guess going for something like 25% is still an attractive offer for shoppers.

      Lesson learnt and I appreciate the feedback!
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    Im looking to bring more traffic to e-cmmerce site. would it work for that?

    Tom Langdon
    Helping you succeed online!


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  • The "4 Day Cash Machine" method itself is very good, but you must create incredible and temporary sales with discounts going up to a minimum of 50% and maximum of 75% (if your products price is too inflated).

    I tried it on an Italian ecommerce site owned by my mother, and the results for 7 days sale in her 10th anniversary from shop opening got around 45 clients in.
    Consideringit is a gift shop, not in IM, I can say that the system worked very well.
    But she had a good list of buyers, around 1500 contacts in.

    So try to follow this example, the next time, and results will come for sure!

    See you soon,
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