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Ok, I have been accepted to maxbounty and have what i feel are really stupid questions but none-the-less i need answered. I plan on promoting my offers on youtube by placing my url in the description of my video that pertains to the offer.

So heres my dumb question. Once i'm on maxbounty and have decided what offer i want to promote that accepts social media traffic, what do i do? I clicked on the offer but I dont see where I get my Url link at. Im sorry this is such a silly question but i'm sure you guys can get me on track quickly. TIA
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    Hey, I am with MB now as well. Firstly, always remember your affiliate manager! They are there to help!

    Secondly, and more on point to your question, each order is either one to apply to for approval, or automatically approved.

    Once you've selected an order and go to its own page, you can see whether you are approved or not to run that order.

    If you are not approved for an offer, apply for it.

    If it is an auto-approved/network-wide offer, simply scroll to the bottom of the page and you can see creative for it.

    The drop down will let you pick emails, banners, text links, contextual, etc.

    Simply pick the one you want, and start promoting.

    Hope it helps =)
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    Thanks Brain! I didn't want to bother my AM with this stupid question. Thanks man!
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    Thats what affiliate managers are there for. Use them. And remember dollars - there is no such thing as a stupid question - the only thing which is stupid is not asking asking a question if you dont understanf it
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