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I'm about to start an affiliate-review website in a very general niche based on the ´Easiest Way to Generate $100,000 as an Affiliate´method. All of the great domain names are already taken, of course, but most of the great domain names still have the .net, .org and .info domains still up for grabs. I plan on driving a good majority of my traffic through article marketing, so in that respect, it won´t much matter.. but I´m also banking on the fact to get some organic traffic to the website. In your experiences, Warriors, does the fact that your domain isn´t .com really affect organic traffic all that much, but additionally, does it hinder your efforts to increase pagerank and Google rankings?

Thank you for all of the advice you are able to bestow,

Jake Daly
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    ICANN are set to release domains such as .museum .library .business .cars etc etc - don't have the exact dates when this is 100% proposed, but they have already allowed some and are doing it periodically for testing.

    Soon the branding (well it is already) will be more important than the simple name and .com names will eventually become insignificant.
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    Agreed, .com is a must but .org is also effective on larger sites. If the .com domain you really really want has gone why not try placing 'info', 'review' or 'facts' at the end of the domain you have selected and i bet you end up with your preferred domain!


    etc etc

    Same with keyword domains; if you really need that kw rich domain try adding one of the above at the end of the domain and you'll likely get the domain as a .com




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