what do you think of my ideas?

by Amazin
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I'm a newbie, right now I have 2 ideas on my mind that I would like some feedback on if thats ok.

1. set up an online forum. the question is how many members would I need in order to make money from it? e.g. Neo Empire! which is a forum about fighting games with over 17,000 members. is it enough?

2. create my own games, how difficult would it be? I'm thinking create 2D games where people can play for real money.
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    Idea 1 -- It's a good idea, however the Internet is already littered with forums here and there. It's going to be difficult to create a forum and get a lot of members on it, not to mention making money off of it.

    Idea 2 -- Creating a game is a good idea... although letting people play for money isn't a big hit right now. People are all into free-to-play games. However, you can add some special features, which do not unbalance your game, which you think your players would be willing to dish out money for.
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      @maxwell you cannot reinvent the wheel.
      @Amazin Move forward with your plan. Treat your customers well and they will stick with you. Even 1000 members can make you good money for a membership site.
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    Step 1) Make game
    Step 2) Make it free
    Step3) Add in additional bonuses that can be achieved at low prices [i.e. league of legends: free to play, but you have to (and at times have the option to) use real money for skins/items]

    From what I've seen, unless you're making a WoW this is your best bet.

    Unless of course, you're an Angry Birds kind of guy, then maybe you can get away with some $1 games.

    In the end, only one way to find out.
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      It's not quantity that's important but quality. If you provide value then your members will keep coming back, making your sales much easier,
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    About the users it really depends what you are selling and the sale price.
    I think your first goal should be to test the idea at a smaller scale.

    Start as others suggested with free games and plan your site to be viral i.e. after somebody reaches high scores offer them to share it on facebook and twitter .

    You can check the books: lean startup and $100 startup

    Are you using WordPress? Have you tried qSandbox yet?

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