What is all the rave about ranking youtube videos ?

by asaolo
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How do you guys rank them ?

I got some courses where it is stated you can rank almost everything on page one with youtube videos, so i have chosen some low competitive keywords and created the videos and jut left them. After a month they are ranked somewhere on page 11 or further. So what are you exactly doing to get them on page one ?
Do backlinks have a much better effect on youtube sites for ranking, since i have not tried it yet.

Looking forward for some nice conversations.
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    well i have several steps I take to rank youtube videos:

    First do keyword research in your niche, you should have a large list by now.

    Create an informative screen capture video about the keyword topic.

    Make it at least 3 minutes in length.

    Make sure you start your video with your Logo Intro.

    At the end of your videos, always tell the audience to “click below for more information”.

    Save and name the video using the keyword, without hyphens.

    Upload the video on to your YouTube account.

    Title the video on YouTube using the keyword in a sentence.

    Write a 300 word description with your keyword in it.

    Make sure you start the description with the URL you want to send the traffic to.

    Put your keyword in the tags section on YouTube.

    Make a sentence with your keyword in it and put it into the annotation section in YouTube.

    After your video is up on YouTube, embed it on your site with a related article.

    Go to fiverr.com and get a social bookmarking gig with high positive ratings.

    Send the social bookmarks to the YouTube Video and NOT YOUR SITE.

    All done
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    of course backlinks help, since Youtube is owned by Google, you won't get punished when building thousands of links per day to your vid, but other factors do affect your rank, number of clicks, comments, that kinda stuff that shows your vid is popular, and you also need to make your description relevant with a good amount of targeted keywords. hope that helps
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      Create a channel as well. Use keyword as channel name. You could even create a new account using keyword as name e.g. "keyword"@gmail.com , if it isn't taken yet.
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        I ran a fascinating test with YouTube SEO about 1 year ago as an experiment.

        We (business partner and I) decided to try and rank videos for "make money online" and some other ridiculously competitive terms. We fed some backlinks to the videos and experimented with description lengths, adding closed captions and using guest posts to embed the videos on high traffic sites.

        To our surprise we got #1 after just a few weeks.

        Our link in the description went to a squeeze page and the thank you page was an upsell to a short report that showed a really simple way to earn a few bucks quickly. We split tested the sales page a $7, $17 and $19.

        We made about $1k in sales ($17 price point made the most money - although made less sales than the $7) and got over 2,000 subscribers before YouTube canned our video. In fact, they canned our whole channel, not just that specific video!
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    I don't even bother doing keyword research now. Well, not in your typical fashion where you analyse backlinks for the top 10 results. All I do is go for the keyword in my market with the most traffic that has a video thumbnail on the first page of results.

    And yeah, backlinks help but there not the be all and end all like a lot of people make out they are. There are other "off-page" tricks that are far more effective.

    James Scholes
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    I created a video, that is only 1 min in length. The keyword and niche is low competitive. I just tried youtube views service. Now my video is on 7th position on youtube video search. But haven't seen that on google search. I also uploaded the same video to dailymotion, surprisingly it's on 3rd page of google search. I done nothing to the dailymotion video.

    Alternate Sword

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    to rank with youtube you still need backlink maybe not much like website but you still need backlinks.. and you should see other competitor youtube views if they have a lot of view i think you better find another keywords.. the course maybe give example with product launch so there is not yet any competition

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    If you are lazy do backlining, you can select low competition & long tail keywords to rank Youtube videos at Google without backlinks. This way works 50% for the keywords. Not all Youtube videos with the keywords can get ranked at the top spots without backlinks.
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    You need to use the right keywords in your title. The longer, the better.

    There is no guarantee anywhere online that says that you can get every single video that you upload to rank on page 1 of Google.

    Out of 10, maybe I can get 1 to rank high.

    It is all a numbers game. The secret to create as many as you can.
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