How $0.03 and 1 click changed my life... How did you feel when you finally made some money online...

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What did it feel like when you made money online for the first time...

I know a lot of people want to make money online, get started and don't see success like they want. I've learned that it's 99% mindset with this business...

You can have all the knowledge in the world but you have to set fear and ridicule aside and take massive action...

Every now and again, I wonder off and think about my first time making money online.... It was on $0.03 from a click on a Google Adsense ad but I saw the cup as half full like never before..

"what if you got 100 clicks.. That would be $3... 1000 would be $30"
and so on...

I actually cried because I felt like I had stumbled on something amazing...

That 1 click and $0.03 ended up being the greatest push I've ever had to turn my dreams to reality...

What did it feel like when you made money online for the first time...
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    I remember when I sold the first copy of my ebook. It was 2002, it was $19 sale and there was a lot of jumping and screaming involved
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      The light bulb went on in my head that I have done this once, now I just need to repeat it.
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    It is not easy to break the "0". When you break it and make your 1st sales...... How do you feel? It's feel great. The sales just keep on coming.
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    WoW great thread! I completely agree! ive been reading the forums for a long time and had my dreams of MAKING money online than just dreaming it.

    1 Month ago I put action behind my plan and in my FIRST month, I made $400 from PPC + CPA on my niche site AND generated over 20k TARGETED leads ( to email) ( crazy refined niche).

    Also have a membership platform based around my niche. ( around 10 members @ $8-12/month but growing).

    And launched my Offline SEO company ( just got 1 client @ $300/month + $300-500 Down for the site)

    All within the last 30-45 days.

    It is really exciting and it really gets you focused to buckle down and put action behind a plan!

    This next month im looking to promote my offline SEO services ( and pretty much launch a MLM model or like a pyramid program - hiring salesmen or call center agents to promote my SEO services, which can easily be scaled).

    My next plan of attack is going to be emailing my niche list offers and promoting my monthly membership - again its a very targeted list so im excited to see what the results are.

    My goal was to instead have 1 income stream of 5k/month ( my 9-5 job) but was to have an ADDITIONAL 5k/month from 5 different streams @ $1k/month THEN i can go back and refine each process and scale EACH stream from $1k/month to $1.5k/month then slowly scale it up.

    Unfortunately - I spend so much damn money I barely see it, however I am working on changing my mindset of " Pretending I only earn $0.25 of each dollar".

    But yea the first time I got my offer clicked -- also at $.03 --was a huge push for me to get shit rolling).

    Also launching a job website that has API feeds from Indeed etc and I get paid from ppl filling out jobs which ties into my low income niche + mail them offers and EDU forms and Coreg.

    My advice to anyone would be ONCE your have a plan. put ACTION behind it.

    Goodluck guys!
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    Earning the first $ online is always rewarding and give us courage to move on.
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  • Yup I know that feeling.

    Mine was a $31.62 commission back in September 2010 on Clickbank.

    I still remember that victory dance.

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    My first dollars was by selling petty e-books on "script-kiddie" forums. After making my first sale of $10, I just had to repeat it, ultimately making $2000, autopilot. Best feeling in the world.
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    After struggling for almost 5 years online, there was one point where I started getting like 2-10 sales per day back in late 2007-early 2008. That was the best time of my first profitable years making money online.

    The first sale makes you feel good. But when you struggle for a few weeks or months and then see that first sale come in, it is the best feeling in the world.

    Never give up. We live under the same moon, stars, and sun. If people are earning a nice full time income, then so can you. If you fail, that's OK. Everyone does. Just keep moving forward.

    Sochiro Honda, the founder of Honda Motor Company said...

    "Success is 99% Failure."Success represents the 1% of your work which results from the 99% that is called failure."

    Failure is a stepping stone to success.
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    I made $17.99 in my first affiliate sale about a month ago. Maaaaan was I excited!! Doing better now, but you can't beat feeling like a hero receiving a medal for your efforts when you see those first dollars and cents in your account! Sure does boost that morale and keeps you going, which in my opinion is what really counts. Sometimes you just need it to keep the IM fire burning!
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      The first money online is no doubt the sweetest. That is the motivation buster I would call it. lol
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    I remember when I kissed my first girl.

    Yep, yesterday was awesome.
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    It definitely opened the floodgates, its like the first sprinkle of water leaking from the rock wall dame, once you see the first stream of water the floodgates will open.
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    The huge point for me was making my first $1,000 day... It changed everything for me.
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  • that a very low income but it should charge you for next steps of work
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    Originally Posted by Dennisknows View Post

    What did it feel like when you made money online for the first time...
    I went to da tiddy bar on soap sud party night...was wild and crazy!!
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    I didn't exactly cry, but i was in college when i got 2 sales in one day. I thought for sure i was going to be a millionaire by the end of school lol.
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    The first time I sold something online it felt great. I'd been hitting the whole IM thing pretty hard and hadn't seen any results for months. I was starting to believe my friends and family members who told me there wasn't money to be made online. When I logged into my account and saw I'd actually made some money, it was a big eye-opener.

    The first dollar feels good, the first hundred even better. I think the most satisfying was the first month in which I made a thousand dollars. I'm still waiting for my first thousand dollar day, but if things keep going in the direction I'm headed, I'll get there soon enough...

    "A bargain is something you don’t need at a price you can’t resist."
    -Franklin Jones

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    I am still waiting for my first check from clickbank, and hopes it comes soon
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    i make my own on fiverr $10
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    That first taste is very addictive. It makes it all real. It's like a drug. You read about others doing get take a chance....put in a little work...and appears seemingly out of thin air. It's a wonderful thing.

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    I bought a website the 12 of november, which had a lot of content but about 1 visit per 2 days. I manage in a week to bring it to 100 visit a day and it's steady since then. So far, I got 1,884 unique visitor and 4,230 page views. The best of all is that the users stay on, my bounce rate is 64% so I'm quite happy. It generate money from adsense but I get between 1 to 3 click per day at 1 cent per click. Now I have to figure out how to increase that money...

    But so far, yes, that feeling is amazing!
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