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Hi Warrior Family,

I recently found one of my articles in EzineArticles in the number one position in Yahoo and Google. But, after a few months at the top spot, someone has basically rewritten my same article usingmy same long tail keyword title. Is there anything I can do about this? This person is ranked directly beneath from my article. Please advise.

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    If you can prove that you are the rightful owner of the article, file a DMCA Takedown Notice with the webmaster, the hosting company and the domain name registrar.

    Also, according to EzineArticle.com's TOS...

    If you wish to publish/reprint any article from our site in your ezine, website, blog, forum, RSS feed or print publication, you must:
    • Respect the copyrights of the authors by publishing the entire article as it is with no changes.
    • Agree to include the FULL Resource box or SIG line at the end of the article.
    • Agree not to change the title or content of the article in any way.
    • Agree to make all links so that they are Active/Linkable with no syntax changes.
    • Agree to include the article source credit below each article reprinted with the link active:
    • Article Source: EzineArticles.com
    • Agree to never translate any content from our site in any language. You may not create derivative works from any of our content.
    They're breaking 7 of their TOS... And apparently, these are the consequences:
    If you violate any of the above terms of service and/or any author copyright when reprinting articles from our site, you agree to be held liable for all attorney fees and statutory damages awarded upon a copyright infringement lawsuit that may be brought against you. Please read Section 504(c)(2) (U.S. Copyright Office - Copyright Law: Chapter 5). You agree that any legal proceedings against you will occur in Brown County in the State of Wisconsin, USA.
    So you may want to contact them and let them know about this infringement.


    A lot of trouble/hassle? For many, yes. Up to you if you want to go forward with the takedown or not
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    Thanks Vimal Gobin. I have also just found a service at DMCA Protection & Takedown Services that will had it done for $199.00(for all sites guilty). I also went to Website Hosting Search Tool, Reviews & More at WhoIsHostingThis.com to find out who the host was and also found a DMCA notice template at http://labnol.blogspot.com/.../dmca-notice-of-copyright-infringement.html. I am just going to do it manually. Time to get this show on the road!!

    Thanks again.
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    Please call me Vimal

    Good to know you did some research (instead of posting "how I upload dmca and take it down?")

    Let me know how it goes
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