looking for a member area plugin for wordpress

by kctm
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I'm building a site where I'm going to sell video lessons. Each product will contain several vidéos. I'd like the user to log into a member area to watch the videos (and download them if he wants).

I really like Mark Ling's Affilorama member area. What I like is that each customer has a list of the products he bought. Then he clicks on any product and he can have access to it.
If there are videos in the product, there's a list of the videos, with a small icon letting the user watch the video, or download it, or download a pdf file.

What I also like is at the end of the product: there's a list of homework. When the user does something, he checks the checkbox (and it's stored in a database => next time he gets back, he can see what he already did and wha'ts to be done).

And on the right sidebar, there's a list of actions. When the user does something, he also checks, and there's a kind of progress bar that's updating.

Does anybody knows what Mark used to create his blog ? Is it a wordpress plugin ?
Any idea of where I could find it, or something like that to create my own blog ?

I had a look at "Magic Members" WP plugin, but it's seems to be something very simple, and I think I won't be able to build something like Mark's with this plugin...

Thank you.
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