Masking your IP or using a VPN?

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Hello Warrriors,

I would like to mask my IP for some local work I am doing in the US and Canada. What is the best and most reasonable package to get?

Buying Proxies or VPN like Hide My Ass or ghost vpn?

Any coupons, deals or incentives to join?

Thanks for your information.
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    You can buy your own VPA server for some money a month, depending on how much money you want to spend.
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    In my opinion, it still depends on how much you are willing to spend for it. But, "hide my ass" works for me already. .

    and I agree with 'SandraLarkin', you can also consider buying a VPA server
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    Get a VPN, it's your best option. Try StrongVPN.

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      Originally Posted by YasirYar View Post

      Get a VPN, it's your best option. Try StrongVPN.
      That's who I use.
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    If you want a free VPN try SecurityKiss, Hotspot Shield or Your Freedom. I also use HMA which gives you about 35k proxies to play with.
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    Here's what i do
    Method 1:
    HideMyass for cheap jobs or for checking things fast using another location

    Method 2:
    Private proxies for stuff that needs special attention. Best,safest method

    Method 3:
    Online free proxy surfing for wastable things. Sites offering free proxy surfing

    I forgot, Ccleaner each time i switch
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    Use the HideMy Ass paid service it works great. I have used them before

    We Need JV's For Massive Launch

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      hidemyass(dot)com/proxy/ is the best choice ever proxy to surf anonymously online, hide your IP address, secure your internet connection, hide your internet history, and protect your online identity not reduce your Bandwidth
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    Using http IP from buyproxies dot org isn't a bad idea, they have been working perfectly for me all these while.
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    best option is to buy a vpn .. also you can use the software auto-hide ip or use a browser -i can't recall it's name since i have used it before a long time ago- that connects automatically to VPN and hides your IP
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    Be sure to use no log VPN. Or make your own. I can help you to setup your own VPN. IT will cost less money + more profit.
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