Anyone a pro with domaining? Help would be appreciated

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Was wondering if anyone out there in Warrior World could help me out with selling domains, like if anyone would be willing to look over my portfolio of names I own and offer suggestions as to which might be most suitable for sale?

Looking for evaluation help.

Hope this is the right place to post this.

Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Christine...

    Please P.M me your domain portfolio... I am a regular buyer and seller of domain names/websites, so I can help you in this...

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    I believe View Profile: Gene Pimentel is the resident expert on the subject. PM him and maybe he'll help you out.

    If you want me to go on arguing, you'll have to pay for another five minutes.

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    Heading over to could yield some dividends too
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    And to put one's thoughts into action is the most difficult thing in the world ~ Goethe”
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      Also be sure to check out I've sold a good amount of domains there over the years.
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    Hi Christine, are you still need help selling your domains?
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    Gene Pimentel is an expert domainer he has released some courses on domaining you can contact him and take advise from him. you can also list your domains with many sites like flippa,sedo,namepros,dnforum,even ebay, and if your portfolio has some very good names like say
    estibot value of over $25k you can contact domain brokers who are dedicated to this business also
    if you want to offload as soon as possible you can sell to other domainers but if you can wait then trying to find ENDUSERS will give you good money. Endusers can be found in many ways like say
    1 ) search for your domain in google then you can know who is advertising adwords for your keyword ,
    2 ) another way is if you have ".com" domain then contact .net,.org,,.us,.de,.in by searching whois website.
    3 ) find who has twitter/facebook fanpage with the same keywords they can use that domain .
    Hope you found some ways.
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