How do you cloak a URL

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I was reading a post on here the other day that had to be related to url cloaking. I was wondering how do people cloak URL's?

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    I use the redirect feature through Optimize Press. It allows the link to appear from your own domain and it links to another site.
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    Yep, Pretty Links Lite for on-site or with your own domain for linking anywhere, or you can use, etc.
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    bitly is one way. is another self hosted option. there are also lots of plugins available for wordpress.
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      If you aren't using wordpress
      You can use a little bit of php.

      1. open up gedit or notepad++ or whatever you fancy
      2. paste
      PHP Code:
      'Location:' ) ;
      3. Swap out yoursite with your aff link.
      4. Save as newfunkyname.php
      5. Upload to your site
      6. On your page instead of linking to your outside page link to your newfunkyname.php


      Most trackers have cloaking redirects in them. But - be sure people still know where the traffic comes from.

      Track everything
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    You can do what Joe Marketer does but I like using Ninja Affiliate. I use it because you can manage all of your affiliates links in your WP admin area. You can also cloak your links and create subcampaigns as well.
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