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I've never tried to use Camtasia but I think I have reason to now.

So, what is the process exactly?

Do you use a digital camera to take the picture while you visit the sites?

How does this work? Is it relatively easy to operate?
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    Originally Posted by greff View Post

    Do you use a digital camera to take the picture while you visit the sites?
    That is what I did from 2001 to 2004 to capture powerpoint presentations to transfer to video...just record it seamlessly with video.

    Now it's done with a recorder inside your computer that just captures the dimensions you want.
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      Camtasia has a tool called "Camtasia Recorder", you set up your microphone, so the
      video has sound, you specify the dimensions on the screen you wish to record,
      click the Record button, and this tool automatically records what ever you are
      seeing on the screen.

      No external video camera required, Camtasia does it all for you.

      You can see some training tutorials here:
      Video Tutorials for Camtasia Studio 5
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        Yeah that's how they use to do it in 1992, LOL

        Nah, just kidding....

        Camtasia is really slick all you have to do is go to the page that you want record and open up Camtasia recorder and it will ask you what portion of the page you want record.

        Actually no they'll ask you which area You want record, it could be your entire browser or computer desktop.

        When you're done recording you could view what you recorded in the Camtasia player or you can edit the entire video and add sound and anything that you want such as overlays,pictures and graphics.

        Frank Bruno
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